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A Things Considered 

The Culimmation is the last of a three tjear chronicle of Caster Nazarene College. The All 
Things Considered Tnlogij would give a vast and wide documentation of the school, while each 
separte hoolc focuss on a different part of life on campus. The frist hooL the Renaissance, dis- 
cussed the new and chang^n^ areas of the school: incoming students teachers as well as new cluhs 
and activities. The second took, The preservation, turned attention toward the aspects of the- 
school that had lasted the test of time: veteran teachers, school land marks, and a^e o d traditions. 

rinallLj, the trilogLj concludes with the Culmination, which was ori2;inallij suppose to hie,hlu^,ht 
things on campus that come to an end. hiowever, Eastern Nazerene College is founded on the 
faith of a God who is antjthing hut ending Isaiah +^:l^-ls> state's Torget the former things. Ao 
not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thine,! Now it sprine^s up; do i ou not perceie\e it? ... 
The purpose of the culmination is to capture the constant progression of the Christian experiancc^ 
at Eastern Nazarene College. Progression encompasses change with in the school and in the lives t 
of the faculittj, staff, students and surrounding, communitt) of Eastern Nazerene College. unitine,all 
aspects of the campus, old, new, and renewed. 

2-The Culimination 

Some people search for sunshine to brighten 
their cloudy days. Others carry sunshine witli 
them wherever they go-making everyone's d<i\ 
brighter. Norma Bell is definitely one of those, 
if she is having a bad day, you will never know 
it. She is always pleasant-always optimistic 
She makes a visit to her office a pleasant one 
Her smile is like a check in the mail. She is ( 
of ENC 's best kept secrets. 

When she arrives at work in the mornings, 
she has a greeting for her fellow workers: "An- 
other day in Paradise." And she means it. She 
not only genuinely cares about people but she 
shows it in special ways-like home-baked goodies for the office or pleasant messages left on 
your phone answering machine. Her sense of humor is unsurpassed. Laughing for her is 

And she has been doing this at Eastern Nazarene College for nearly 20 years. Twenty 
years! Thats five generations of college students. Her area of responsibility is student fi- 
nancial aid. But her real business is encouraging the people who come her way. Married 
to the same man for 35 years. Norma has two daughters and one grandson. You might say 
that "she wrote the book" on family values. 

When legacies are mentioned some day, people will say that Norma Bell has left the finest 
legacy anyone could receive-an inheritance of friendship, love, reality, kindness, and joy. 

What do you say about a woman who owns a piece of vour heart? You sav. "Nt^rmci Bell" 

Written bv Dr. Tom Barnard 
A Vice President at ENC for 19 yeai b 

10 -The Culimin^^tion 

■ N' 1 ocii 15 a vertj compassionate person who has done so much 
-or Lastern Nazarene Co lege. She has a great sense of humor 
ar ' s ^reat advice. Day to dat) conversations with Norma are 
3mo\ avorite memories of mt) time spent at ENG." 

-Laura bostwick 



The Collective Diverse 

Dear Senior Class, 

This year has been quite an adventure. Some events that stick out in 
my mind are selling more than 150 whoopee pies at the Street Fair, the 
Birdie Tourney, class chapels, the Jr./Sr. Banquet, and the senior retreat, 
just to name a few. 

Both semesters have gone by so quickly and while the excitement 
of graduation continually pops up in my thoughts, I am sure that as I 
receive my diploma I will be thinking, "So. ..that's it? It's time to start 
my life now?" It's hard to believe that our time here has already come to 
an end, but you've heard it said many times before; it really is just the 
beginning. We have had the advantage these last four years to experience 
a small community that has helped shape us into becoming who we really 
are and compels us to strive toward great things. As we move on through 
our lives, never forget the relationships built here, the lives that you have 
touched and of course, the late night food runs. It has been a pleasure to 
serve you as President and I hope 
to hear all about your successes in the 
future. Good luck and in the words of Edwin 
McCain - just do your thing. 

Laura Bostwick 

-Senior Class President 

The Seniors-I^ 

— '' OASS Of ZOOS 

^ ^ You are educated. Your certification is in 
Ljour degree. You mat) thinlc of it as the ticlcet 
to the good life. Let me asL Ljou to thinlc of 
an alternative. Thinic of it as Mour ticlcet to 
change the world.' ' 

" Tom Brolcaw 

Daniel Amhrefe 

Ruan Ardrei 

Ma|or: Social Work 
Minor: igion 
Life Group '02-'06.. Summer Min 
*03.'05( Reconciled. One), \ arsit> 
Basketbal|-02-'()4. Intraniurals 
I.ejjend: .l-term Baskelhall. 
Indoor Soccer. Flag Foolhall, and 
the rest. SAS\\ -O.^-'Of.. RA: IM 
and 2nd Memorial, C AI SK trip 
(Mexico). Jr. Sr. Class Council. 

ihtil I haw oln'Mh' ohtaincil 
all this, or have already- been made 
perfect. hut I press on to take hold 
of that for which Christ Jesus took 
hold of me. " 

-Phil 3:i: 

Andrew John-Newbert Avila 

Criminal Justice 
Activities: Flag Football 1-4 
Ran Trains 05-06 Champs" (All 
Stars 2-4 heck >eah I put that info 
in). .ITerni Basketball I. Indoor 
Soccor 3. ACTS 1. Class Council 
4, W e As Doggs 1-4 
"A Succes.tfiil person is someone 
w ho can lay a firm foundation w ill: 
the bricks that others throw at him 
or her" 

-Svdnee Greenbur 

Matthew 5acon 


■ .and then the road turned off 
and commenced to climh and 
Mvn? going W O) up close along 
ii hillside, with a \-alle} below 
ind hills stretched off back 
11 ,;'■(/ the .sea. You couldn > see 
\ I Ii w as too far aw ay. You 
could see only hills and more 
hills, and you knew w here the 
sea was. " 


had 5antjes 

H - The Seniors 

5nttanu Ann boswell 


Phi Delta Honor Society, Varsity Soccer, Varsity 
Basketball, Business 

Society, Students for Social Justice, Junior 
Achievement, Life Group, ISO Dance Team, FCA, 
Team Life Football Champions, Fighting Amish 
Dodgeball Champions, Team Random Soccer 
Finalists, 3rd Munro RA, Arts and Music SL 
/ thank God, my family, and friends for being the 
suppot. encouragement, and love throughout my 
year's at ENC. 

"I've had enough lime to learn that love in this 
world doesn 't come without terms i 'm waiting for 
someone who seeks no returns, a love i can 't lose 
or do something to earn I want a love that looks 
past positions, a love Just because, not a love with 
conditions love that is real is love just because. " 
-scott phillips- 

Christopher 5owclitcli 

Contemporartj Music &■ 

Gospel Choir, Jazz Band, Battle 
of the bands (Chatnpions!), 
TGIF-Worship Team, and of 
course Team Awesome. 

Thanks friends, you'll always be 
l emebered. For the music, the late 
nights, and the camaraderie of a 
truely awesome team! Now. on with 
life, what 's next? 

Andrew Cammer 

Major: business 
Matnagement Minor: 
business Marketing / 
have survived this war with many 
battles won and some lost over the 
last four years. With the help of my 
friends. I am walking away from this 
battlefield with my head held high 
in victory. 

brian Case 

The Seniors - ]^ 

Anthontj Catanese 



The last four years will not he 
remehered in words hut in name\ 
Chrstie: DJ. Dutch : Ryan. Amh 
Matt. Soah. Luke. Pete. S'elson. Ru\ 
Ha. Pete. Phil and Ron: Mindy Ma^y 
Berrian and .-inianda: Erin. Jonah. 
Michelle. Jonah and Allen: Melissa. 
Joy. Sarah. Genevieve. Heather 
Emily. Krisla. Jackie and Jenm 
Justine. Jennie, and Erica: Tim. Mi v 
Chad and John: Jon and Rea: I thank 
you and I thank God for you. 


/ 'd like to ihankmy friends & famih A 
especially Mom and Dad I love you 
Because of Many of you. the past four 
years have made me a hetler man 
As I count my Blessings & reali:c 
whatl have accomplished. I am 
overwhelmed and very encouraged 
As I face the future that was never 
kwon. I am ready and I am excited 

Lulce Cochran 

\6 - The Seniors 

Meghan Driscoll 

Major: Music education 
A Cappella Choir 2002-2006, 
Chambe Singers 2004-2006. 
Chamber Singers International 
Trip Fiji and Hawaii 2005, A 
Cappella Choir Publicist 2003- 
2004, A Cappella Choir President 

Phll.p Durost 

Jacqueline Enos 

Clementry Education 
Leader of a woman's life group'05-'06, Flokes 
group '02-'03, Intramueral in door Soccer, 
Member of the Communit> Living Space 
Committee '04-'05, Resident Assistant '04-'06, 
Tutored Community Elementary Students, 
Verse of the Week/ ENC Warriors. 
/ wan! 01 thank my family and friends, aspecailly 
my parents, I love you both so much and I could 
not have accomplished all that I have without 
your love and support. Krista your the best 
rommie and friend a girl could ever ask for, can 't 
wail HI May, you 'II make a beautiful bride! To 
all my friends tahnks you for everything and my 
love to you all! 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares 
the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, 
plans ot give you hope and a future. " 

Jeremiah 29:11 

Janet Pairchilcl 

Jennifer Ltjnne Durost 

Major: Mathematics/ Secondary 

In these past four years. I have leanred so much, 
loved so greatly, and lived so real. To my teachers 
Thank you for believing in me and all yom 
unending patience helping em to develop into the 
teacher I knew I had in me To my friends: You 
guys are awesome, there are so many of you I am 
so grateful for To Sarah and Emily: I love you 
ladies! Thanks so much for being the best friends 
a girl could ever have! To my family: Mom. Dad. 
thanks for not giving up on me. I never would ahve 
made it if not for your constant support and low 
Jeff. Jesse. Mike & Biance. I love you all and I 
know you wilt be so successful in your futures. To 
Phil: You are my inspiration and my one true love. 
I am loving every moment of forever that I spend 
with vou. 


Jonah ford 

Matthew Gavel 

Major: Business Finance 
Campus Tour Guide 2 yrs, Kids 
Club 2yrs, Business Society 1 yr. 
Gospel CHoir 1 r, President of 
Christain College Republicans 1 yr. 
Senior Class Director of Finance 1 
yr, Special Teams Coach for Team 
Death 2 yrs. Summer Ministries 
1 yr, Life Grop 1 yr, RA first 
MemoriaL.. best floor ever!! 
"When vou 've got an elephant by the 
hind leg. and he is trying to run away. 
II V best to let him run. " 

-Abraham Linden 

The Seniors - 1/ 

Donald Olisson II 

Colin. Dutch. Joe. Andy. Jonah. 
Erin. Noah. Nel.son. Mall. Ron. Ray. 
Phil. Allen. Chris. Luke. Peie. Kal. 
Kim... so many olhers... Our lives ' 
foruilous and allogelher passionale 
collision produced an impaci lhal will 
guide ihe resi of my life. This place 
irained me. bul you defined me. Il is 
God in you. lhal has made ihis place 
heaulifiil... a magnificeni splendor 
May our lives be blessed... always. 

Dana GoblasLas 

Jonathan James Hall 

Computer Ln^necnnty' Computet 

President PEC. Prep Cook in 
Cafe. Bunion Parties. Battlesl:ii 
Distributor. Ser\er Admin. Krisbei' 
Basketball. C SS 

Thanks lo my parenis fro al\\a\ ^ 
driving me. always supporting nu 
Kudos lo Jess for alwavs pulling up 
wilh me. Thanks lo my friends: the fir\i 
ones I ever had. 

"Il means no worries, for llie rest ■ 
vour davs: Hakuna-malata " 

Melinda Hamlin 

Matthew T. Hannga 




r # 

M:rvc)r Marlcrtint; 
E\C Soccrr fall 2002. ENC Baseball 2003-2004. Publicatiooi 
Board Mrmber 2002-2004. Business Societ) Member 2005- 

Our ( horacter i.v an omen of our destmy. and the more 
integrity y*t have and keep, the simpler and nobler that deslun is 
likely lobe " 

■George Sanlayana II863-I952I 
lumkmg back on all the lime and energy I have spent here at f .N'C 
M ill remain as a priceless and unforgettable experience in my li fe 
To all mv friends lhank you for all Ihe great times and I wuh \ ou 
all Ihe best in all lives 

Ti> my baseball boys Even though it hoi only one seson of 
baseball. I /vve all you guys lyou know yvho y-ou are) thank you 
for one great seasonarui all the memories, bul most important, 
lhank for the friendships I know we all base Thank you 
( itoch Reidfor m hatyou taught me on the field thall will al»y as 
''. iihle lo use off the fielJ / > - 'i . ,,u guys all the h, > ■ r ilu 
• i>ns lo come 

'Llip Ham's 

Qmily Hart 

Dawn Michelle Haslcell 

Elementary Educahon/ Liberal Arts- 
Encjish rmplia5i5 

A Cappella Choir (Rubik's Hug-a-bunch NYC 

Naked C o»bo>) •02-'O6. Kinder Haus •02-"06. 
I he OSl nd of Music "02. Flood Refugee '02. 
Pssch Ward ■o:- 0.^. C hild of the famih 
•»4-"05. The B.A.I). room: Desnuda OS-"©* 

To all the girls w ho hii\, , >uin\:ed my life fori \ i r 
Thanks for ewrylhing 

I low you like ihe day is long I low » < 
ilhw leh sun and the moon together ' 
waiting for you CP. Don) settle for anylhif , 
Punkv Power' 

iv Laugh Low Sleep later " 
\ Like em w onder whyxvu re still smiling " 

15 - The Seniors 

Sarah Elizabeth Hohman 

Mapr: Early cliildliood Educaiton, 
emphasis in English 
Writer for CamCam (I), News Editor for 
CamCam (2-3), Home Sweet Hohman (3), 
Barnabas (1-2). ACTS (1-3). Open Hand/Open 
Heart (1-3). Sunday School Teacher for 2 and 
3 year olds at Bethel (2-4). Student Teaching 
(4). Last remaining member of HWA. Card- 
carrying memeber of CMCA (Compulsive Mail- 
Chackers Anon.) 

"Thar of course i.s the advantage of being a 
PEssimist: a Pessmist gels nothing but pleasant 
Surprises, an Optimist nothing hut unpleasant. " 

-Nero Wolfe. Fer-de-Lance (by Rex Stout) 
"When you have eliminated the impossible, 
whatever remains, however improbable, must be 
true. " 

-Sherlock Holmes 

Emilu Holluwood 

Major: 5ioIogL), Pre-Med 
Minor: Chemistrtj 

Shrader Rat '02-'06, Flood Refugee 
;02, ACL Reconstruction '02, Girl's 
Nights '03-'06, Long Table '03-'04, New 
Zealand '04, Tattoo '04, Belize '06 

"And now I know that we must lift my .sail 
And catch the winds of destiny Wherever 
they drive the boat. To put meaning 
in one's life may end in madness. But 
life without meaning is the torture Of 
restlessness and vague desire-- It is a boat 
longing for the sea and yet afraid. 

-Edgar Lee Masters. Spoon River 

lan Holt 

iLeif J 


Rebecca Huretj 

business, Pre-Law 

Phi Delta Honor Society, Varsity Soccer. Varsity 

Basketball, Business 

Society, Students for Social Justice. Junior 
Achievement, Life Group. 150 Dance Team, 
FCA. Team Life Football Champions, Fighting 
Amish Dodgeball Champions, Team Random 
Soccer Finalists, 3rd Munro RA, Arts and 
Music SI. 

/ thank God. my family, and friends for being the 
suppot. encouragement, and love throughout my 
years at ENC. 

"I've had enough time to learn that love in this 
world doesn t come without terms i m waiting for 
someone who seeks no returns, a love i can 'I lose 
or do something to earn I want a love that looh 
past positions, a love just because, not a love with 
conditions love that is real is love just because. " 
-scott phillips- 

Racbel Jester 

Major: Histortj 
Minor: Government 

Gospel Choir 2002-2004. Worship team chapel. 
History Club 2002-2006 (History Club Treasurer 
2005-2006). Phi Alpha Theta Conference 2005, 
Admissions office worker 2003-2005, Christian 
Campus Republicans Club (Admin.) 2004-2005 

Thanks to my family for praying and supporting me for 
the last four years. Everything you have done has made 
my life better then I could have imagined! 

Kristen Jones 

Natba n Jourdan 

Tbe Seniors - \9 

Courtnetj Kosmerl 

Elizabeth Knsko 

Mapr: RcliBon 

Minor: Youtn Mini.stnj 

Things I've done while here al KNC: 

(fOspel C'hior my first year. Worship 

team Tor three years, I lead one last year. 

Been working with Maiden Nouth (.roup 

for two years (Junior and Senior Near). 

Quote: "The reward of a thing well done is 
to have done it." Ralph Waldo limmerson 



Scott Ledder 

Erin Lafex 

Knstal Lee 

Justin Lasher" 



Matthew Le\ in 

\t\ ruimr K \1.i!ii< ^liili lr\m frttm ihr 
■' i'lntianj j Ultit ;im»i and umlh 
, < H'^mr / was bom m by my 
Rijrhara Aime l9S.i I eittend ikr 
' ' the part)- lardy aa cat be 
irri rrghr oHxn yof pimdt 
'< ith Mr btcontt 
■ and vitk yarn 
..' /*fw dw/ 
r lo HIS 
' mt btn 
(ID <md 

> . ^- , ■ ,. ,. m Jersey 

' > ENC JO an' am begut 

10 - The Seniors 

Kenneth Lin 

business Management 

"/ go to school, hut I never learn whal I 

want to know. " - Calvin 

"Love doesn 't change us but rather it 's 
who we love that does " -Me 

"Be glad of life because it gives you the 
chance to love, lo work, to play and to lonk 
up at the stars. " - Henry Van Dyke 

"For every minute yesterday, regrets 
reminds me anyway If I remeher anything. 
I 'll make mistakes again " -GUK 

Sarah MacPherson 

Amanda Maffeo 

English and Secondari) education 
Commuter Council President '03-'04, 
Commuter council '03-'06. Big Sister, 
Little Sister 'OS- Ob. Maiden First Church 
of the Nazarene Youth Leader: '02-"06, 
5th and 6th grade Sunda> School: •02-'06. 
Supreme Waitress •02-'06. 
"Preach Often, If necessary use words " "I 11 
be a waitress in the silences when words 
are nit enough " " I came lo love You early, 
came to know You young, and I thank yoii 
for a lifetime of what I might have been. " 
It has been a blessing to spend the last four 
years growing spiritually, emotionally, and 
intelectually with all of you. Thank you for 
the memories. God Bless you on your ne.xl 
Journey. Psalm 139, Jeremiah 29: 11-13 

Kuan Magnuson 

Elementary cducation/^nstorLj 
Mens Volleyball 1-4 
Cafe Worker 1-3 
ACTS 1-3 

Social Life Rep. Junior Class 
Executive SGA Social Life Senior Year 
"Children need encouragement. If a kid 
gets an answer right, tell him it was a 
lucky guess. That way he develops a 
good, lucky feeling." Jack Handy 




Rachel Manzo 

Sociology/Criminal Justice 
ENC GospaChoir 02-06, Lacrosse Club 02- 
06, Chaple Worship Team 02-03, Campus Visit 
Cooridinator Admissions 03-06, Common Area 
Space Committee 04-05, Life Group 04-06, 
Homecoming Rep. 04, 1st Place Star Search 2002, 
J-Term Basketball 2005, Powder Puff Football 2005, 
The O.C. 03-06, ARB Chairperson 05-06. 
First I give thianks lo my Almighty Savior! I "m 
so excited lo see whal he has in store for me! Dad, 
Mom, Isaac, and Si. I wouldn 'I have made it this far 
u ilhoul your unconditional prayers, love, and support! 
Because of your faith in me.. .I'm graduating college! 
To my girls words can 'I express these past 4 years! 
We 've shared so many unforgettable memories! Never 
forget: The Badgers, Gus, or our motto, "At the end of 
Ihe day.. ..we 're still HOTT BEAST! "I love you so much 

Come McLaughlin 

5ethanq Miller 

English/Writing studies 
Minor: Journalism 

'"Your reason and your passion are the 
rudder and the sails of your sea/airing 
soul. If either your sails or your rudder be 
broken, you can but loss and drift, or else 
be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For 
reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; 
abd oassuibm ybattebdedm us a flame 
that burns to its own destruction. " -Kahlil 

Lauren Mills 

Social Woric 

Students for Social Justice '05, Phi 
Alpha Social Work Honor Society 05- 
06, RA 04-05, J-Term Bball 05, Summer 
Min. 04, Mexico CAUSE Trip 03, South 
Weymouth Your Group 03-04, and Kids 
Club 02-03 

Thanks to my family, I love you & could 
not have done this without you. 
.Adrian, Thank you for supporting me & 
making me laugh, <Sc for being my true 
best friend. 

"Not well-traveled, not well-read. Not 
well-to-do or well-bred. Just want to hear 
instead, 'Well done, good and faithful 
one. ' "-Nicole Nordman- Matthew 25:21 

The Seniors - 21 


Mario Xando Moniz 

Mario Moniz 

Kara Nichols 

M;i|c)r: Hr.ilth Scirncr 
MincM": Psiichiilok:,!) 

Activities: iiioloo (luh I'rwidcnl -()5-'t)(>. V\i 
( hi Honor Sociel) OS-dh. \KB Boiircl l)?- !)*!. 
I'rinciplcs of Hi<iloi>\ I. ah Vwisliint °(l3-'06. 
I'rincipio u( Bi)il(>u> Ntu(l> (•riiiip I raiirr °05. 
\nut«in> & l*h>\inl«t>> I ah \ssi\(anl '115. ^llulh in 
Mis<>ion-l one Reach, ( \ '05. Hiolo^x ( luh Social 
Life Director •(M- (I5. New /ealanil 'IM. Rehner's 
Fire -04. C AS Tutor 'O.l-'Ob, Hocks group -0.1 
Thank voii iwniinf h/id hot IuI/h J mc gi i ihi\ 
far Mom. OaJ. Jav /or \«i<r sui^ixtrl anil low Jen. 
you have been the hcsl nmrnalc anj friend these 
past 4 Years! The friends I iv made and will newr 
forget and those who I 've known mv whole life The 
Biolog)' profs who heleiwd in me and Inilv cared 
ahoiit me. I wouldn Ir he the person I am today without 
all ofyvu! ~ James l:2-ll~ 

Evelijn Niclcerson 






\ngela Noon 

■.'.»|i)r: Psychology 
Minor : Comm Arts/Cnirjinal 

lliiuse Minagrr for Music Man. Iwrlfth 
SiUht.Jk \n I seningof Dasid Idn; Best 
H.I (lilies. iMfti ( hoir. f%i ( U 
. - ~L J IS ihc man » hi> perscs crcs lUMlcr 
jU. because Mhcn he hu Moud the lest. 
L Mill rcccisc the ctomh of hfe thai God 
inited to thoie »1io lose him 


I hank >ou to m\ Mum and Dad . I would 
IS c ncs cr made it w ithoul your kn e and 

Jaclcelinc Novena 

ral Arts 

( AI SF. 2065 Dominkan Republic. CAISE 
IWHt Dominican Republic. LIFE Group Co- 
I radrr 2U05-4)6 
Have I not commamied yam'' Be sirof>g and 
''urageous Do mM he lenified: do not be 
iiscouraged. for the Lord \xmr God \*HI be tt iih 
. <>u where\'er you go " Joshua I 9 
Thonk %>ou lo my Pastor and all the ESC people 
'or being so Honderful Thank you Prof Soflle for 
.ill \our support I lo\r \rtu mami. papi. Sheiry- 
tm. Chrtsiian and my beautiful babies Jack and 
lason H'lih Jesus everything is possible' 

knstel Pendleton 

M.i|or 5iolo^y 
Mirwx-: Cl^rmistrij 

Crealion (are Staid} Program Kail 2IM)5. RiiiloK> 
( luh ()2-(Mi. I.ab Aafatant n.MMi. and Hamahas 
Minislr> 04-06. 

/ h'n] hlf\t \iH4 and keep you. the Lord make ht- 
'unr upon sou and be gracious lo: the Lord turn 
r loHard \ou aiui gi\e you -Numbers 6:24-26 
li' ni\ family, friends, and God. a thanks isn't 
enough. I ha\r been so incrrdiMv Messed M wjiii- 
■ nr and support, it has earned me ihnmgh. In Rdizt 
( ittd's precious erratum became im. rrdibl\ rrU\ itri lo 
me. thank you lo all thai were im<ol\ed. Jamt > \ou 
>\a\e been there lo see me through my crazy liU ■••vf 
\ ou forever and ever. Amen! 

katelyn Petnn 

arlq childlxxxJ tducabon/ 
'. ncjish 
STAND •04--06 
O'/iv wmrself fully lo God He will use 
iH-x'ompluh great things on the 
■■I in thai \x>u beliexY much mtorr in 
.oiv than in txwr omvi \seakness 
\loiher Teresa 

•<r,\ik tenderly lo ihem Lei there be 
• •■..ii:e\s in yxMtr face, in wmr eyes. 
'I mur smile, w the tsarmlh of your 
jtvfinj; haw a cheerful smile 

' • itnly gi\e your care, but gne yvm' 
,.i'i us mW/. " S4oiher Teresa 

22 -The Seniors 


Ana Pimenta 

ipr: Business Management 
Minor: Comm. Arts 
Election Board'02-05, Kids Ciub'02-'05. Psj ch 
Ward •02-'03. Flood Refugee 02, ARB '03. LIFE 
group -Oa-'O*. RA -(M-'O*, Jr/Sr Committee 05, 
Business Society •05-'06, Homecoming Court Rep. 
•05, Camp "T' Counselor Summer "03, VIM (Perui 
Summer '04, Summer .Min (In His Arms) Summer 

Thank you dad. mom. Cesar and all my family for your 
continuous support. Los quiero mucho! 
"A part of you has Krown in me. And so you see, it s 
you and me together forever and never apart, maybe 
in distance, but never in heart " / love you girls' Most 
importantly, thank you Father for holding me in your 
arms arul never letting go. 
Joshua 1:9 

Crystal Quinlan 

Major: Social Wortc 

Minor: Psucliology 

Activities: SASVV *05-'06, Psi Chi Honor 

Societ> *05-'06 

"live, laugh, love " 

Wesleu Ranlcin 


Open Hand. Open Heart: 03-04 member. 04- 
06 Co-Leader; Physics and Engineering Club: 
03-06; Jazz Ensemble: 03-05; Wind Ensemble: 
03-05; Digital Logic Lab Instructor: 04; 
Frisbee: Forever; Caf Rat: 04-06; 
Charity sees the need not the cause- German 
Proverb Suppose a brother or sister is without 
clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him. 
"Go I wish you well: keep warm and well fed. " 
but does nothing about his physical needs, what 
good is it ? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is 
not accompanied bv action, is dead. -James 2: 

To err is human, but to really foul things up 
requires a computer 

Matthew Reed 

General business 

Alain Poutre 


Room and Board : 
Other Expenses: 

4 Years of memories: 





"Experiance Is a hard teacher. She give 
the exam frisl and the and the lesson 
follows after " 

-Author Unknown 

John Reid 


W chad Restnck 

Austin Roberts 

The Seniors - 2^ 

Neida Rocha 


Gospel Choir, Soccer. S.T.A.N.D., Open 
Hand Open Heart, Worship Team. 

"Bui those who hope in the Lord will 
renew their strength. They will soar on 
wings like eagles: they will run and not 
grow weary, they will walk and not be 
faint. " 

Thanks mom for being a friend. Thanks 
dad for loving me like a daughter To my 
brother, thank you for your support To all 
my friends, thank you for the good times. 


Jennifer Rogers 

Major: Elemcntartj Ciducifrion 
Minor: En^ish 
"Many things can wait. Children 
cannot Today their hones are being 
formed, their blood is being made, 
their senses are being developed 
To them we cannot say 'tomorrow. ' 
Their name is today. " 

~Gabriela Mistral 

Kimberltj Russell 

Jennifer Ru^ero 

Sarah Ruchine I 

Social Work ^ 
"Unless someone like you cares a 
whole awfiil lot. nothing is going to 
get better It s not " -Dr Seuss 
"I like nonsense, it wakes up the 
brain cells Fantasy is a necessary 
ingredient in living. It s a way of 
looking at life through the wrong 
end of a telescope Which is what I 
do. And that enables you to laugh 
at life's realities." -Dr Seuss 




\mij Scfioonbecic 

! lementarij Lducabon 
' he past four yfars arr filled 
ilh memories that seem to have 
nappened m an instant Thank you 
to all of the family and friends who 
haw supported me e\'er\ step of the 
11 a\ Kristopher you are one of the 
greatest blessings m my life and I 
liHik forward to ewn,- adwnture we 
fnmunter together 


itj Seltzer 

Wiimi-n'x Rii\ki-ih;all 4 >car« (captain for 
2 >carx). I.IKK (iroup co-leader, \arious 
minittriet and jobt on campus 

A/lit our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God 
our Father, who loved us and 
by his grace gave us eternal e nco t uag e m e iu 
and good hope, encourage your 
hearts and strengthen you in every good deed 
and \tord " ~2 Thessalonians 2:16-1 7 
^fuch thanks to God. my family. Dave, and 
■nends for helping me gel this far 

Shelletj Shalceshaft 

James 1.17 Lvery goad and 
•rrfecl gift is from ahoxe. 
'<mtng doH-n fmm the Father of 

:>:, 'liivenly lights, who does not 
. I hke shifting ihadia*t s. 

24 - The Seniors 

Laura Smith 

Secondary Education and English 
Mom, Dad, Wesley, and Bradley-Thanks for 
being the best family ever! You have been a 
great support for me for as long as I can 
remember, and I am so grateful for each 
of you. To my friends-Thank you for all 
laughter and great memories! These years 
would not have been the same without each 
of you. 

Travis-Thank you for making so many of 
my dreams come true. I look forward to 
making a lifetime of memories together 

Krista Spotts 

Elementar^ Education 
Great memories have been made, friendships 
formed and life lessons learned, but now it 
is time to move on... 

"We rejoice in our sufferings, because we 
know that suffering produces perseverance: 
perseverance, character; and character 
hope. " Romans 5:3-4 

"It'll all be fine. " Thanks for ALL of your 
support! ILU forever and always. 

Andrea Steigleder 

Major: ChemistrL) 
Minor: 6iology 

Barnabas '03-'06, Verse of the Week 
'03-'06, 150- Lyrical and Hip Hop '03- 
'05,Resident Assistant '05-'06, Life 
Group '04-'05, J-term Baslietball '03-'06, 
Acappella Choir '02-'05, CAUSE trip 
to Mexico '04, Chemistry Stockroom 

Then the time came when the risk it took to 
remain tight in a bud was more painful than 
the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin 

chad Stevens 

Computer science and 

Computer engineering 

Project Connect, Physics and 

Engineering Club, Cafe Rate, ITS 

Employee, CAUSE, Dating Jennie 


Do you love your parent's because 
they give you something or promise you 
something? Then why love God because 
he can give you paradise? Would you still 
love him if no matter what happened you 
went to hell? Love him who created you, 
love him who loves you for no other reason 
then that. 
-Chad Stevens- 

The Seniors - 1'^ 

Daniele Stodden 

Contrastinf! The Lies 

Obvious differences 
the lies we 
hold so close 
for fear of 
the Irulh 
like death 
us from the misery 

we cling lo 
wilh claws stuck 
in the flesh 
of this agony 
we choose 
lo he life. 

Elementary Education 

(iospel (lioir "04: C . A.l .S.E. Me»ico 
"O-l, Dominiciin Ki'public "05: >ummer 
Minislrk's "IM Meaiiru>l: I'uhliculiiin Hoard 
( hairpcrson ••(I4-(I5; .l-K'rni Baski'lhull 
"U5 I lit' Hull lUasIs: I ift- ( .roups "(l.>-l)<<. 
Senior ( law \tliiiiniNlrali\ i- V\\i\lant 
06; \aiii-s\a \)i'rMnaii\ Vwislanl "(M-06 
Mom. Dad. John <$ Rach- Thank you for your 
unconditional love and support. J am blessed 
to have you- 1 love you! 
Girls- 1 never thought I would find my b*3l 
friends in college You guvs are the best and 
have blessed my life in so many ways I lo\t 
you all so much! Thank \ i>u LonI- vou arc 
wonderful' I'hil 4 6 

Matthew Swartzlander 

Andre Tat 


l6 - The Seniors 

Matthew Watson 


TimotlnL) white 

Isaac Woodward 

Religion Major, 
Missions Minor 
Prayer Warriors '03-'04, '04-'05 
(Leader) Kids Club '04-'05 
ENC's Warriors '05-'06 (Leader) 
Cross Country Fall '05 
"Many that live deserve death. And some 
die that desei-ve life. Can you give it to 
them? Then be not too eager to deal out 
death in the name of justice, fearing for 
VI nil- own safety. Even the wise cannot see 
all ends. " 
.1 R R. Tolkien 

Daniel Wooster 

The Seniors - 2/ 



S ■, i Vt 


(Right) Kim 
Russell plays 
the music 
on the piano 
for the Jr. /Sr. 


uart, Matthew Reec 



(Right) Presi- 
dent Corlis 
McGee gives 
the Baccalure- 
ate address to 
the seniors. 



42-racuItL) and Staff 



The faculty and staff of Eastern Nazarene College make 
the difference. Their classical style forms the tradition 
and authority this school requires. What they do for the 
students is invaluable. Whether through their lectures, 
sermons, financial accounting, or cleaning, they con- 
stantly serve the students with wonderful spirit. The 
students are blessed to have such a diverse selection of 
faculty and staff to help guide them through this monu- 
mental part of their lives. The difference they make on 
those around them is sometimes 
unnoticed, yet it is never unseen 
by God. What makes the dif- 
ference is their willingness to 
cater to the specific needs of the 
student body. Their sacrifice is 
wholly appreciated. The faculty 
and staff are the classical differ- 
ence in the ENC community. 

raculttj and Staff-+5 




Julie Delwiler 

NancN IX'luilcr 
Proji'wor Dfpi. Chair. 
Movement Arts 

John Esiev 
Dir of Educational 

Ardith Eynng 
Secretary, Religion 

Tim Eyring 

,-\(/»/; Sliultcs A, ad 

Norene Fiacco 
Assoc. Prof /Dept. 
Chair, Teacher Edu. 





Douglas Fish 
Director. Financial Aid 

Randall Fish 
Professor/ Dept. Chair 
Physics/ Eniiineerin^ 

Christine Galbraith 
Educational Specialist. 
Adult Studies 

Tamm> Gough 
Mental Health 
Counselor. Bricklex 

Wayne Griffin 
Professor of Sociology 

Janie Graves 
Assistant. Finance 

Lowell Hall 
Professor- Chemistry 

Anila Henck 
VP. Student Develop. 
& Retention 

Tom Newell 
Soccer Coach 

Amy Hwang 
Reference/ Electronic 
Resources, Library 

Elva Jury 

David Kingsley 
Network and Systems 
Manager, ITS 

Facultij and Staff -^y 


The underclassmen of Eastern Nazarene College have made 
a strong impact on this campus. Each individual student 
affects another whether he or she knows it or not. There is 
a great deal of servanthood among the student body, which 
is seen in everyday activities. These include sitting at with 
someone who was sitting alone, holding a door for some- 
one whose arms were full, cheering the Crusaders on, the 
junior class raising money for the Junior Senior, and the 
community service in which each individual class partici- 

The underclassmen as a group of individuals collabora- 
tively provide the school with new ideas, different cultures, 
a vast array of personalities, and various different denomi- 
nations. However, as a whole, they are a group of students 
who have one faith. How students carry themselves influ- 
ences those around them, which ultimately changes the 
atmosphere of the campus from year to 
year. This is a campus of continuous 
transitions, which, in turn, makes it a 
campus that is continually renewed. 

Tammy Andrews 
Jonathan Ardrey 
Christina Balan 
Brittany Bedillion 

Darren Bodicin 
Jonathan Bohall 
Ashley Boxold 
Diane Boyd 

Steven Bracale 
Nadia Brioche 
Joseph Burley 
Joshua Burley 

Marie Castro 
Elizabeth Chamberlin 
Christina Chestna 
Christina Clarke 

Shawn Cola 
Tyler Crowell 
Kristen Crowley 
Josh Daniels 

Laura Doane 
Luke Dodge 
Melissa Douglas 
Andy Dumas 

Amanda Egolf 
Sethe Emery 
Bonnie Fay 
Aubrey Figueroa 

Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick 
Hannah Ford 
Hilary Gallagher 
Luidja Gilles 


Matt Woodley, 
who officiated 
many games 
this year, 
balances the 
ball during 
halftime at one 
of this year's 
indoor soccer 

helps the 
Biology Club 
with cleaning 
up trash 


Brittany Hardie 
steps up to the 

^iljlUXo. plate, digs in, 
and focuses as 
she awaits the 



Ezekiel Gillie. 
Preston Graveline 
Rebekah Guevara 
Izirlei Guimaracs 
Jessica Hagelgans 
Lauren Halvorson 
Brittany Hardie 

Jennifer Harris 
Andrew Hill 
Melissa Horr 
Jonas Imbert 

Ashley Jardim 
Yunior Jimenez 

Zackery Jones 

Ricardo Jrancois 
Constantine Kamberidis 
Danielle Kendrall 
T. J. Kerr 
Hd. Kish 111 
Shelley Koopnian 
Drew Krausc 

Jeffrey Kustra 
Andrew Leman 
Sarah Leonard 
Justin Levesque 
Wendy Li 
Jeremy Lunsiord 
Daniel Maltais 


Rebekah Sorensen 
practices her 
shooting form in 
the Colonel's cafe. 
Rebekah was a 
late recruit for this 
year's women's 
basketball team. 

Ezekiel Gillie shows 
off his swimwear 
at this years Mr. 
ENC competition. 
Hopefully he 
doesn't actually 
swim in Domino's 
pizza boxes. 



Devin Manning 
Stephen Mapes 
Anne Masters 
Arielle Mather 
Jessica Matt 
May Sou 
Brian McCartes 

Erica McGrath 
Sirlhy Medina 
Jackie Morril 
Phillip Nase 
Andrew Neves 
Heather O'Bryan 
Danielle O'Halloran 

Trevor Oates 
Sarah Oliver 
Magon Parent 
Lindell Pascall 
Justin Pearl 
Rachel Peed 
Christopher Pina 

Erin Prendergast 
Janie Rattigan 
Chris Reilly 
Ashley Richards 
Darlene Richardson 
Elizabeth Richardson 
Leanne Ringius 

Timothy Foschi 
attempts to make 
a difficult catch, 
during a pick up 
game of ultimate 
frisbee. Just look at 
that form. 


Nehemie Suzin 
demonstrates a 
traditional Haitian 
cultural dance 
during the first 
Haitian Sensation. 



Nathaniel Sagcr 
Jack Sahlman 
Paul Sapp 
Kimbcrly Selvvit/ 
Angela Shanks 
Malainie Smith 
Rachel Sorensen 

Victoria Stacey 
Rebecca Steelman 
David Straiighaii 
Sarah Surprenant 
Nehemie Su/iii 
Jamie Swedick 
Ben Tht)mps()n 

Ashley Toye 
Alisha Tramonto/zi 
Christina Tramonto//i 
Sarah Tri)\ler 
Naomi Viltort 
Sarah Wiedenroih 
Caitlin Woll 

Bryan Wright 
Cameron Young 

Bryan Wright 
shows off his skills 
with the soccer ball 
In between games 
during this year's 
indoor soccer 


Jesse Collins, 
Ashley Toye, and 
Jillian Barrett get 
comfortable as they 
prepare to spend a 
well deserved night 
in with the girls. 



Not Pictured 

Reginald Aeenor 
Meagan Alanlco 
Paul Aliot±a 
Christopher Applebtj 
Rtjan Augusta 
Rebecca Auguste 
Jillian 5arrett 
Tabitha 5askin 
Aimee 5ennet 
Thomas Sieiawski 
Randall Blount 
Jamison Brown 
Lance Brubaker 
Ricardo Cameron 
Daniel Cardona 
Chelsea dark 
Jesse Collins 
Jeremtj Cox 
Joceltjn Cox 

Tara Crow 
Nicole Culbert 
Jennifer Currtj 
Colbtj DaSilva 
Janna Ternandes 

Adonna Terrell 

Shawn Hint 
Julianne Pollett 
Sarah Good 
Katharine Goodwin 
Alexander Hardt) 
Tamika Hatcher 
Kimberltj Hillman 
Caseu Hobart 
Rachael lezenberg 
Elizabeth Jackson 
Ricardo Jean-Noel 
Jonathan Joseph 
Bonnie Kimball 
Timothy LaPountain 

Patrick Lane 
Anthontj Lauretto 
Ursula Lauriston 
Daniel Lee 
Eileen Lee 
AnthonLj Leite 
Alex Limage 
Rachel Long 
Christina Ludwick 

Erin Maynard 
Krtjstle JoLj McWilliams 
Joseph Meserve 
Charles Moore 
Diane Murphtj 
Jessica Newman 
Nichole Norn's 
Philip Ol iver 
Gretchen Ortiz 
Anthony Palermo 
Constantine Papageorgiou 
Cara Pasik 
Alpesh Patel 
Natasha Philbrick 

Marissa Pina 
Hannah Rauchfuss 
Carlos Rosario 
Robert Rossi 
Joseph Salemi 
Nicole Sawyer 
Stacey Senat 
Angela Shanks 
Liam Sha nley 
Daniel Shaw 

Tristan shields 
Stephany Silveira 
Ashley Skeen 
Justen Smith 
Rebekah Sorensen 
Gabrielle Stacy 
Jeremu Stanford 

Lyndsey Still 
Ryan Thome 

m The 
Christina Tomaski 

Jason Tovjer 
Cecilia Tran 
Craig Turner 
Joshua Tvitchell 
Justin Vivanco 
Kerry Lynn Wallace 
Robert Warner 
Meredith white 
Sherysse whitehurst 
Brittany whitty 
Quentin Wilson 
shea Zellweger 

Jordan Vance, 
Joshua Daniels, 
Craig Dix, and 
Andrew Krause 
hanging out in 
the cafeteria after 
finishing their 

Sisters Rachel and 
Rebekah Sorensen 
cuddle. How 
much fun it must 
be to spend your 
freshmen year with 
your close friend 
and sister! 



"EC. LIfE - H^ittKau/pnari 
'^VHI^J. - Ll^ Barnard 

Christopher Alfieri 
Zachary Andrew 
Juhe Andrews 

Marilena Argueta 
Alyson Barker 
Christopher Barron 

Brook Bartlett 

Jessica Berube 
Christian Boniiia 

Laura Bragg 
Kate Brule 
Bryan Campbell 

Danniel Campbell 
Michael Cascio 
Theresy Charles 

Allison Cheney 
Chantelle Chouinard 
James J. Cook 

Erin Crosby 
Katelyn Crouse 
Rachel Cuffe 

Corinne Curtis 
Mackenzie Cusick 
Princess De Jesus 



Arr.... Bryan 
dresses up as 
a pirate for this 
year's Harvest 


Fallon Ramos 
performs at 
(The Spot), 
which was 
held in Spange 
Parlor earlier 
this year. 


Fish scales 
the ledge at 
Quincy Quarry, 
which is a 
great place to 
hang out with 



Autumn Deschaine 
Tennyson Doane III 
Emily Dolcl 
Sara Dc)nahue 
Gerrianne Dorsett 
Courtney Doyle 
Jill Duchene 

Emily Dunham 
Sarah Dykema 
Davey Edmonds 
Kevin Eloy 
Nicole Eatchaline 
Amy Ferguson 
Tyler Fiske 

Donnamarie Garofalo 
Katrina Gauthier 
Maiaina Cienovese 
Sarah Guest 
Victoria Hamilton 
Caret Hanshew 
Jia He 

Jennifer Horberi; 
Faithanii Itolia 
Luc Jasmin 
Samone John 
Andrea Johnson 
Br)an Killen 
Beth Klopfer 

Eric Peterson is 
ready to hike the 
ball and then block 
for his quarterback 
during this years 
flag football 


Christopher Barron 
sitting back and 
having a good time 
relaxing in Young 
Apartments with 


Mary Knight 
Lauren LaChance 
Greg Lanham 
Matt Leblanc 
Patience Livermore 
Randy Lowell 
Stacey Ludwick 

Elizabeth Machado 
Nathan Magnuson 
Matt Manganellie 
Lindsey Marchand 
Heather Mattoon 
Kathleen McNally 
Emily Pearl Metcalfe 

Kerri Mills 
Jesse Mix 
Faith Musembi 
Christopher Neves 
Josh Noftle 
Allison Nowland 
Katie Osgood 

Allison Peters 
Eric Peterson 
Steve Pirrotta 
Anne Reilly 
Angela Richardson 
Stalaney Robert 
Phil Scott 

Emily Pearl 
Metcalfe, Jill 
Duchene, and her 
sister enjoying 
themselves before 
the last "Spot" of 
the year. 




Troy White, hanging 
out in the dugout; 
with friend. 




W. Jorda 




Bill Stephens 
grasps the tennis 
ball as he gets 
ready to serve 
during a practice 
session for this 
years mens tennis 

Alicia Cassettari, 
Elizabeth Machado, 
and Theresy 
Charles look cool 
as they sport their 
shades for the 


Not Pictured 

Adn'ana Alvarez 
Jirawat, Anektanasap 
Matthew balucln 
Elizabeth Barnard 

Julie Baunard 
Shawn Bonannon 
Dungbui Dung 
CoreL) Burns 
Ryan Calhoun 
Jonathan Cantave 
Alicia Cassettari 
Bradford Clarlc 
Joseph Claudel 
Terrtj Clea-Atwater 
Carolun Colbt) 
Amanda Collins 
christian Cotto 
Matthew Daglet) 
Lauren Dauer 
Pelisha Davis 
Eriia Dessin 
Craig Dix 

John Doucette 
Charles foster 
Timothtj Poschi 
Rhiannon Gorham 
Sarah Hannon 
HarrLj Hart 
Jeremu Hermann 
Lap San Ho 
Matthew Hui 
Robert Jacobsen 
Jessica Jordan 
Robert Kaminskij 
Joceltjn Kitson 
Jean-Paul Marcellus 
Brandon McGrath 
Samuel Mohnkern 
Cynthia Monteiro 
Kari Murpht) 
Henrtj Ndungu 
Stephen Newman 
Timothy O'Brien 

Kristina Pan 
Saurailla Pierre 
Jennifer Provencal 
Tallon Ramos 
Hari Maya Rana 

Javier Roche 
Ashley Rousseau 
Jonathan Ruiru 
Jeffrey Seals 
Jessica Sterlin 
Laura Torino 
Micah Vanella 
Emily Varner 
Junior Villa 
Timothy Waitley 
Jarred Wiendenroth 
Rachael Wiersma 
Aaron Willette 
Cristina Winchester 
Matthew Wood ley 
Charissa Wooster 


Chris Alspach 
Melody Anderson 
Stephanie Andrews 

Suzanne Andrew 
Ryan Arnold 
Lillian Arteaga 

Rachel Auguste 
Susan Baker 
Barbara Tiriticco 

Maria Bardales 
Michelle Batchelder 
Jill Bausman 

Theresa Birmingham 
Daniel Brooks 
Tary n Buckley 

Claudia Cabrera 
Wendy J. Catarino 
Carolyn Chase 

David Chrisos 
Matt Coder 
Justin Coffey 

Justin Coffey 
officiating an 
indoor soccer 
game during 
this year's 
I season. 


Susan Baker, 
Pestiiii, and 
McGrath stop 
to pose for the 
camera at the 
Easter Egg 


Hillaire Cooke 
Wenslynn Cordon 
Jonathan Costella 

Tim Troxler 
and Tennyson 
Doane hanging 
around during 
Spring Fever 



Amber Crow 
Daniel Dix 
Amy Dolingcr 
Mark Douglas 
David Duda 
Mary Dunlavy 
Shannon Fegan 

Jessica Fey 
Amanda Fish 
Ben Flicic 
Jacicson Francois 
Lauren Gagnon 
Pablo Galvez 
Nathan Grannell 

Jeffrey Hamilton 
Amy Han nan 
Dana Haun 
Paul Haynes 
Laura Hoover 
Yoonsun Hyun 
Christina Ide 

Andy Jasmin 
Jamie Kelly 
Jamei King 
Derek Krausc 
Rebecca Kulat 
Phil LaFountain 
Chris Lee 

Ryan Arnold and 
Sarah MacPherson 
enjoy each other's 
company on a warm 
sunny day. 


Youngman holds 
a little girl who is 
dying of HIV, while 
on a missions trip 
during J-Term. 








1 '"'^■''ij 

Melissa Leman 
Veronica Levy 
Jonathan Livolsi 
Marvelyn M'Farlane 
Kelly Madeira 
Nathan Martsolf 
Joanne Maurice 

Keith McRell 
Joanne Michel 
Amy Moser 
Kelley Moser 
Brad Mountain 
Stacy Myers 
David Oliver 

Megan Parks 
Lindsey Pelletier 
Lindsay Pestilli 
Regina Peterson 
Jennie Pietra 
Eileen Price 
Andrew Puma 

Andrew Ratliff 
David W. J. Restrick 
Mary Restrick 
Michael Richardson 
Brenda J. Rivera 
Genevieve Rivera 
Michelle Segal 

Regina Peterson 
enjoying the warm 
weather after a 
long winter. Spring 
weather is always 
a good remedy to 
cabin fever. 

Lillian Arteaga 
reads a poem 
during one of the 
many evenings that 
"The Spot" took 
place this year. 



Sarah Smail 
Matt Small 
Kyle Sousa 
Diana Spcnccrc 
Timothy Stanford 
Ashley Staples 
Ethan Stinchclter 

Lena Thomas 
Andrea Thompson 
Barbara Tiritieeo 
Lissa Tovar 
Tim Troxler 
Ashley Turner 
Justine Twofoot 

Kevin Useinski 
Rachael Walker 
Rachel Webber 
Rebecca Welch 
Jennifer Wescoti 
Andrea White 
Shalymar Whitehurst 

Chris Young 
Jonathan Youngman 
Kate Znoj 

Nathan Martsotf 
and Genevieve 
Rivera enjoy the 
fall weather before 
it gets too cold to 
sit out on the front 

Jeff Hamilton looks 
with disapointment 
as he finds that the 
Easter egg he found 
does not have 
a winning ticket 
inside. Jeff will 
have to deal without 
winning a TV this 



Not Pictured 

Noreen Anderson 

Sartj AvAAvad 
Peter Behravesh 
Imam Seniamin 
Andrew Brow 
Jessica Brown 
Joshua Corbin 
christian Coret) 
Edward Coulter 
Kimberltj Coijle 
Rashindu De Mel 
Michael Desronvil 
Tranchesca Dominicjue 
Tarn Hoang Duong 
Samuel Durant 
Yvelande tliacin 
Michael England 
Elanor Einfin 
Jonathan Ereburger 
Leah Gannon 
Nicole Gi fford 

Michele Guarino 
Allen Hamiln 
Kevin HartleL) 
Jenna bastings 
Jonathan Helm 
Katherine Hulien 

Sean Hynes 
Sha nnon Jones 
Matthew Kauffman 
Elisabeth Kemmerer 
David Kingsletj 
Tyler Knowlton 
Wassim Lebbos 
Michelle Ledder 
Susanna Leite 
Bradley Leonard 
Oliana Llagami 
Blalce Marshall 
Sueli Monteiro 
Maureen O'Brien 
Erancis Ob. 
Ashlee Page 

Joel Paulsen 
lleana Pfarher 
Maria Pousson 
Erik Ranstrom 
Ada m Ringius 
Luis Rodriguez 
Maria Rosenstein 
Katherine Schuttauf 
Ryan Seaberg 
Laura Stirling 
John Sullivan 
Amanda Top 
Jordan Vance 
Sarah Vermillion 
Jennie Warren 
Rebecca Welch 
Meghan Woodward 

Kelly Moser and Jay 
Wilson sitting while 
waiting for the next 
race time to start. 


Sarah Wineland and 
Joel Paulsen skip 
along the shoreline 
down by the bay 
during TWIRP/ MOP 



lie rocused* Perl^ 


The Eastern Nazarene College Crusaders have 
a competitive NCAA Division III athletics pro- 
gram in which the performance of each player 
shines during practices, games, and meets. These 
ten teams come together each season to play there 
hardest through much focused effort. Each player 
contributes to the whole team to go above and 
beyond. The outcome of the game displays the 
spirit of the team as well as the fans. The Cru- 
sader teams work hard to earn the respect of their 
fellow students and alumni. This, in turn supports 
the focused performance of each player. 


Anna Maria Collcg 
Curry College 
Roger Williams University 
Wheelock College 
Green Mountain College 
Wentworth Inst, of Teehnology 
Colby-Sawyer College 
Fitchburg State College 
Salve Regina University 
Nichols College 
University of New Fngland 
Curry College 
Regis College 

^September 13 
"September 17 
September 21 
September 24 
September 27 
October 4 
October 6 
October 1 1 
October 13 
.October 1 8 
October 20 
October 22 
October 27 


.. I- 

Chelsea Clark gave the ball a strong 
kick to move the team into the offen- 
sive position. 

Gabrielle Stacy posses while pre- 
paring to defend her teams points. 

IStanding: Coach Reid Fisher, Danielle O'Halloran. Nicole Fatchaline, Chelsea Clark. 
iGerrianne Dorsett, Faith Musembi, Jennifer Smith, Amy Dolinger, Amanda Egolf, 
iMaria Pousson, Diane Murphy, Coach Andrea Fisher, Kneeling; Ashley Boxold, 
[Charlotte Forrester, Carolina Gonzalez, Sarah Guest, Melaina Genovese, Brittany 
IBoswcU, Gabrielle Stacy, Susanne Leite, Angela Shanks 

With a quick sprint, Gabrielle Stacy pushes past 
her opponent 

The soccer team this season was very unique. Although 
more than half the team was made up of first-year 
players, every young lady on the team contributed to 
all the practices and games. The various talents and 
personalities created a tight team bond on and off the 
field. As the season progressed, the team was able to 
play hard for a full 90 minutes in the midst of highs 
and lows against competitive opponents. The heart for teamwork and for 
the love of the game was illustrated as several players were injured one 
game and came back fighting in the next. Through plasterd bible verses an 
encouraging quotes in the locker room. Coach A' reminded the team daily 
that we are ultimately playing for the Lord. Unfailing leadership came 
from the assistant coaches and the co-captain Maria Pousson as well. Of 
course, ENC women's soccer would not be what it is without the faithful 
fans. (ENC is in first place for having the most fans at home games in the 
Commonwealth Coast Conference.) We love you all (and your food!) This 
is why in the huddle before every game we are unashamed to acknowledge 
who we represent, "Hands in. ..One, Two, Three. ..ENC!" 

-Jen Smith, co-captain 

Chelsea Clark 

This year was a year to learn and grow as not just players 
or as a team but as individuals. I feel like we accomplished 
all three and cann't wait til ne,xt season. Freshman class 
you rock! 

Brittany Boswell 
The 2005 soccer season was amazing in every sense of the 
word! The entire womens team developed into one giant 
group of best friends. Regardless of our record we all knew 
how to have fun and that the season started tomorrow. In this 
team any bystander, dedicated fan, or opposing team could see 
dedication, commitment, loyalty, love, and a heart to serve. We 
all realize Boston Market is out of the question for the future, 
but the divine times we had we stay with us forever! 

Melaine Genovese warms up before the game. 

Sports - /I 

Andrew Krausc, Jc^sc Mix, and l:/ekicl Gillie anxiously aw an ilic >uin ol 
the game. 

This years men's soccer season 
was a great season, and a success. 
The wins and loses may not say so, 
but the season was a huse success. 
Last year having barely enough to 
field a team we came back this year 
with a bis freshman class that save 
us plenty of extra players. The 
freshmen class came in ready to 
play and ready to work hard. This 
class of players came with great 
skill that added to the team. We 
had a great sense of comradery, 
even w ith all of the freshman we 
had on the team. Coach Newell 
did a great job in recruiting all of 
the freshman. Even thoueh five 
returners are the back bone of the 
I cam the freshman that were added 
this season show promise and a 
very bright future. 

-Erik Ranstrom 

Josh Corbiii eiNcs the ball a stroni 
comer kick to his teammates. 

Standing: Coach .lesse Mix. Matt \\oodlc\. Br\an VS nght Jon Frcburgcr. Robert 
Jacobson. Andre\N Van .Amburg. Erik Ranstrom, Robert Rossi, Nate MagnusonJ 
Coach Tom Newell. Kneeling: Josh Corbin. Izirlei Guimaraes. .\ndrew Krause, 
Kevin Eloy, Jonas Imben, Brad Leonard. Yunior Lei\a-Jimenez, Joe Meserve, Steves 
Bracale. Missing from photo: Ezekiel Gillie | 

\\ mJiii^ up. Lnk Ranslrop.. n.^ 
the ball down the held 

72 - Spot-ts 

Ezekiel Gillie makes ahard attempt 
to head-butt the ball before his 

Jonas Imbert watches the ball soar away from the net after his hard kick. 

Brad Leonard slow^ the pace of the 
game in order to keep the score in 
their favor. 

Izirlei Guimaraes dashes to the 
ball to make a great steal. 



Joe Meserve 

"It was great to be a part of a team this 
year that was able to grow so much as 
individuals and as a team. I'm really 
looking forward to next year." 



Josh Corbin 

"Seeing the team's improvement from 
last year to this year was very encour- 
aging. I hope that my play will help the 
team to continue in that direction." 

Sports - 75 

One might say this volleyball season was 
a kind of fresh start. The team welcomed eight 
freshman and a new head coach, Mike Johnston, 
with assistant coach Alexis Miranda. However, 
the three returners - co-captains Courtney 
Kosmerl and Amber Crow - along with senior 
Heather Warmuth were not willing to let the 
young team develop by itself. Their example 
of leadership and motivation was an important 
presence all through the season. For such a 
young team they made their mark, making it 
to playoffs and finishing with a 5-4 conference 
record. Although the team's outstanding seniors 
will be gone, with Amber Crow, our returning 
sophomore, and some new freshman talent, 
ENC volleyball is ready to step up its game. 

landing: Coach Mike Johnston. Rcbckah Sorcnscn. Lyndsey Still. Ambci 
Crow, Courtney Kosmerl. Heather Warmuth. Darlene Richardson. Assistant 
Coach Alexis Miranda. Kneeling: Jami Swedick. Christina Ludwick. Jesse 
Collins. Rachel Sorensen, Janna Fernandes 


Rcbckah Sorensen sets up lor an incommg 

With great focus. Christina Ludwick serves the 


Courtne\ kosmerl is ready to hit 
the ball w iih all her strength. 

74 - Sports 

Darlene Richardson stands ready 
to back up her teammates. 

The girls make teamwork their 
key to the season. 

Setting up for a spike, Rebekah Soerensen and Amber Crow give it all they've got. 

With a quick reaction. Rachael 
Sorensen blocks the ball. 

Rebekah Sorensen 

"This past season has been an interesting learning 
experience for me. Coming into a new team which 
consisted of eight freshman, three returners, and a 
first-year coach was one of the many challenges that 
the team faced. Despite all of this, our team still made 
it to the playoffs and we established ourselves as 
competitors amongst the top teams in the conference. 
I am anxious and excited to see the developement 
of this young team in the years to come." 

Heather Warmuth 

"I had so much fun this year. I loved playing with 
every one of the girls and learning under Coach 
was a privilege. Thinking about those long rides 
back in the van always makes me smile. Keep 
laughing girls!" 

Sports - yy 

Amanda Fish, Kristal, Maureen O'Brien. Jessica Matt, 
Alicia Cassettari, Ashley Jardim. Tori Hamilton, Kelly Moser, | 
Erin Stone, Melissa Douglas. Missing: Kate McNally 

The 2005 women's cross country season was 
another season of progress and potential for the lady 
Crusaders. The team once again drew big numbers, 
with the 1 1 ladies representing the largest women's 
team the cross country program has ever had. At full 
strength, the women's team boasted 4 runners at or hopes were high for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, 
under the 23 minute mark for 5k. Promising freshmen as the season progressed, the usual challenges of injuries 
Jessica Matt and Melissa Douglas joined veteran and illnesses mounted, resulting in the loss of several 
leaders Kate McNally and Amanda Fish to form a strong runners. Despite never running at full strength 
strong lead group, and the supporting group showed juring the second half of the season, the women still 
the potential and improvement to keep hopes high, acquitted themselves well in competition. The team's 
The women started the year strong, finishing 2'"' out ^ost impressive finish of the year came in monsoon-like 
of 6 teams at the opening meet at Mass Maritime, and conditions at the Regis College invitational. Running 

shorthanded in heavy rain on a flooded, 
muddy course, the ladies dug deep and 
managed to finish in 4'*^ place out of 12 
teams. With only one senior on the team, 
the women are looking forward to getting 
back to full strength next year and seeing 
w here their talent and hard work can take 

Jessica Matt 

Tills NCiir's cross tounin season has betn bt)th challenging and 
rewarding. From taking second place in our hrsi meet to gettmg 
through our many injuries, our team has pulled together and 
supported each other through it all. These girls hase taught mc 
to how to stay positive and laugh my fears away. And somehow 
through tie-dying t-shirts. cra/y van ndes and our ongmal starting 
line cheer, we have come together as more than |ust team males 
but as g(xxl frienils 


i irst and iDrfniost I tmisl ihaiik G(k1 tor being with 
I11C daily. This year I found a deeper dedication to my 
sport and with the loving support of my teammates and 
coach I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. 
Through out the season I not only felt good, but I was 
having the time of my life! 

-Coach Ed Gardner 

1: Before the race Melissa Douglas. Katie 
McNally, and Erin Stone take a snapshot 
to remember the race. 2: With excitment 
Amanda Fish shows off her second place 
prize. 3: Kate McNally, Alicia Cassettari. and 
Erin Stone pose for a fun picture at Gordon. 

J6 - Sports 

Sports - 77 

The men's cross country team entered the 2003 
season hoping to build on their 4"" place conference 
finish from the 2004 season. With last year's top 5 
returning and a good group of first year runners, the 2005 
season promised to be another year of improvement for 
the Crusaders. Underclass returners Matt Coder. Jay 
Wilson, and Jeff Hamilton joined seniors Chad Banljcs 
and Matt Berrian to provide the source of experience for 
the team. Joining them were standout first year runners 
Troy White and Chris Reilly, and a number of other 
rookies that provided the team with excellent depth. 
With the newcomers added into the mix. this year's 

t;: .ia\ Wilson. Kliil Nolan. Chad Hantjcs. Tros White. Alain 
Poutre, James Cook, Matt Bcman. Ryan Ardrey. Kneeling: JetT Ham- 
ilton. Chris Reilly. Brandon McGrath. Matt Coder, Issac Woodward 
Coach: Ed Gardner 

Chris Reillv 

"\ loved the intensity of Cross Countr\ 
and the sound of the gun. After tlic 
shot all these runners would instantl\ 
take oft" into the woods, rain, or snow. 
Whatever the elements were, we woiilil 
run in it " 

"Aftercight years of running cross countr> Tm 
glad it's finally over. Don't get me wrong. I 
like nmning sometimes, but evcr>day was a 
little much. Maybe I'll run another marathon 

before I die, well probabiN not I It w as 

fun while it lasted." 

version of the team was once again an improvement on 
the season before. The men spent the season focused 
on the conference championship meet, with the goal 
of finishing 3"* in the CCC. Running in a late October 
snow, the men put forth their best effort but ended up 
just a little short with their second consecutive 4"" place 
finish. Despite the conditions, the men still put up 
some of their best times of the season, and the 4"" place 
finish cemented their position in the top half 
of the conference. The team's most impressive 
race came in the last meet of the year at the 
ECAC championships. Racing in good running 
conditions for the first time in over a month, all 
6 men competing on the day set personal best 
times over the 5 mile course. The men's team 
will graduate several seniors this year, but a 
strong core will remain to continue ENC's 
challenge in the CCC. 

- Coach Ed Gardner 

Chris ReilK distances himself 
from his opponent despite the 


Jay Wilson and Troy \\ hitc 
stick toucther. 

Keeping with the crowd. Matt Bcman 
and Chad Bantjes conserv e their energy 
for a later dash to the finish. 

"To give anything less than 
your best, is to sacrifice the 

- Steve Prefontaine 

7& - Sports 

Ryan Ardrey and Jay Wilson strike a fun Issac Woodward is far ahead of his oppo- Jeff Hamihon begins his finishing kick at 

pose. nents. Gordon College. 

Matt Coder leads his team at the start of the race. 

Sports - 75* 

Bnx)kc Bartlctt coiiccnlratcs in a desperate attempt to hit the ball. 

1 ' '■■ 


With graduation, transfers, 
and busy schedules, the tennis 
team was down to only five 
members during preseason, 
but two freshmen and three 
sophomores stepped up to the 
plate to complete this year's 
squad. It was a rebuilding 
year filled with much learning, 
and many challenges, but 
the team meshed well and 
enjoyed the season. They are 
looking forward to building a 
more experienced team in the 
upcoming year. 

-Sarah Wineland 

Stretching A > - \ 

the ball flying over the net. 


Lissa To\ ar stands read) as Sarah 
Wineland serves the ball. 

Back Row: Brook Banlett, LissaTovar. Emil\ Dunham. Beth Klop- 
fer. Coach Ken Hardee. Front Row: Neheniie Suzin. Sarah Oliver, 
Allison Nowiand. Emily Metcalfe. Sarah Wineland 

80 - Sports 

Allison Nowland quickly hits the 
ball back to the other team. 

Emily Dunham makes hitting the 
ball look simple. 

Showing their game faces, Lissa Tovar and Sarah Wineland are ready for their opponent's serve. 

Brooke Bartlett attacks the 
oncoming ball as Allison Nowl- 
and is ready and willing to back 
her up. 


Allison Nowland 

This past tennis season was definitely a^ 
building year for our team, but I appreciate ^ 
the fact that we were able to improve after g^m^. 
playing against much tougher competition; »~:^' 
this will only increase our skill as a team in , 
coming years. 

Sarah Oliver 

Tennis was great and very inspiring. Even 
though we didn't win all the time, at least 
i we got free food! 

Sports - 61 

Bill Stephens prepares for his ^'^^ great strength Jack Sahlman 
match "^^^ ^'^ whole body for a sucess- 

ful serve. 

2006 Men's Tennis Award Winners 

Player of the Year: Jiravvat Anektanasap 
Coach of the Year: Cristian Popa 
Team Sportsmanship Award: Eastern Nazarene College 

First Team: Jirawat Anektanasap 
Second Team: Bill Stephens 


landing: Matt Kauffman, MaH Woodley, Philip ofiven Rod Ros Jirawat Anek 
tanasap. Coach Christian Popa. Kneeling: Jack Sahlman, Bill Stephens, Luke 
Dodge, Keith McRell, and Phil LaFountain. 

First Team Jirawat Anektanasap / 
Bill Stephens 

With quick feet, Jiravvat 
Anektanasap makes a 
great save. 

Rob Rossi steps back 
awaiting an oncoming 

(Above) Phil Oliver hits a great pass 
over the net. 


Bi7/ Stephens 

■'A lot happened this year for us on the tennis team. A lot of people 
were shocked and a little mad when they came to play us and then 
later found out we had actually beaten them. One kid actually cried. 
Anyway, our key strategy and theme was "NO SALLY SHOTS'" 
which carried us through the season and some tough matches along 
with a few other phrases such as "BRUSH IT" and "GIMME BACK 

Matthew Woodley 

"The most important thing I learned this year was that 
Thai people are funny and red-head people have a lot of 
pent-up rage." 

(Above) Luke Dodge stretches out to save 
the ball just in time. 


Standing: Asst. Coash Karen Marshall, Nicole Culbcrt Christina a . L>ier. RebetL.i 
Welsh. Chelsea Clark. Amy Seltzer. Coach Ken Hardee. Sitting: Ashlee Page. Saiaj 
Donahue. Gabrielle Stacy, and Brittany Bedillion. 

(Left) Rebecca Welch is honored for her basketball excellence. a> 
she becomes on of the few to become a member of the 1000 point 
club. A desirable accomplishment and an astounding achieve- 

(Right) Coach Hardee has been in charge of the women's basketball team for five years 
at ENC. He strives to make his team the hardest working team in the conference and his 
influence has shown, as the team has improved dramatically in his time here. His goal is 
for his team to "make the most of the talent [they] have been given, both as individuals and 
collectively." In addition to improving their athletic skills. Coach Hardee w ants his players 
to be the best Christians they can. both on the court and off. He encourages his players 
to become involved in their community. He hopes to have his team answer the question: 
"How do we live our lives for Christ in everything that we do?" 


(Above) Senior Amy Seltzer is honared on Febuary 14th as she 
closes her home career as a Crusader. Amy Seltzer, is averaged 4.8 
points and 5.4 rebounds a game, and is among the CCC leaders in 
offensive rebounds. The most impressive thing about this two time 
captain, junior and senior year, is her dedication and quiet leadership 
on the floor. She is the consummate team player as her passion for 
the game is apparent every second she plays. 

(Above) Brittany Bedellion, an upcoming Lady 
Crusader star. 



(Above) Ryan Scabcrg is rcad> Kiaiiding: Coach Corey Z in k. Luc Jasmin. T nstan Shields. Dan Shaw. Dave DudaJ ' -^^^'^ ' ^'^ '"^ ^''^ 

and in position to gain possession Quentin Wilson. Jean-Paul Marcellus. Ricardo Jean-Noel. Terry Clea-Amaler, 
of the ball. Asst. Coach Jonathan Chesley. Sitting: Ryan Seaberg. Christian Corey, David 

Chrisos. Jonathan Ruiru. Coibv DaSilva. Andrew Brown, and Michael Desrinvil. 

DaSilva plays a great defense. 


(Above) With complete focus, Tristan Shields prepares himself for a foul shot. 

Luc Jasmin 


(Above) Applying his skill, Colby DaSilva 
works his way to the basket. 

(Above) Jean-Paul Marcellus 
stretches to add two more points 
to the score. 

(Above) Ready for the ball, Luc 
Jasmin stands his ground. 

"I love America. I love Basketball, I love my- 

Andrew Brown 

"This was a team of new faces and it took us a some 
time to mesh together on the court. However, we 
•! showed consistent improvement and as long as we stay 
together as a team we'll see success in the future." 


(Right) Ger- 
riane Dorsett 
awaits a judge- 
ment call. 

(Above) With her glove open, Brittany 
Hardie is prepared for the next pitch. 


The ENC Baseball team achieved its third consecutive 20-win season and went deep 

into the Commonwealth Coast Conference Baseball tournament, bowing out in the second of 

two semi-final games. ENC finished in 3"^ place among 1 1 conference schools with a regular 

season record of 13-7 and then after dropping their opening round game, won 3 straight in 

the playoffs including a 6-1 victory over eventual champions. Endicott College. 

It was a tough start for the Crusaders and with faith the team began looking for 

a spark and got one when Junior Brad Mountain took the mound against Mass. Maritime 

Academy. Mountain faced the minimum batters and recorded a no-hitter (the first in school 

history) with 19 strikeouts. Mountain would also become the career leader in wins with a 

21-5 record by seasons end. 

After winning 2 straight over conference rivals, 
Gordon and Nichols. ENC headed to the playoffs for the third 
straight year, sending Nichols and Colby-Sawyer packing in 
the elimination round of the tournament. The season produced 
several record-breaking performances including 6 players being 
named to the all-conference team. Matt Watson headed the list 
and eclipsed two Crusader greats as he broke ENC's career 
hits record with 150 (Scott Madden. 135) and RBI mark with 
101 (Jeremy Anderson. 93). Graham Grain was named ENC 
Athlete of the Year and along with A.J. Turner were the top two 
vote getters among CCC infielders. Two freshmen capped the 
list including Smith, who tallied 6 victories and Catcher Craig 
Turner, who hit 5 homers and led the conference with 39 RBI. 

With an overall record of 20-19 and wins over Endicott. 
Salve, and Suffolk, the Crusaders would await a possible at- 
large berth in the ECAC baseball Championships. The Crusaders 
hosted the tournament in 2004 after posting a 28-win season. 

(Above) Seniors Matt Watson. Leif Jansson. A.J. Tiimer. Graham Crai 
and Tyler Abel group together for one last ENC baseball memor\. 


liony Lauretto. 

phen Newman. Josh Daniels. Justen Smith. Tyler Abel. Leif Jansson. Crai ^^ 
and .•\sst. Coach Man Swartzlander. Sitting; Jarred Wienenroih. A.J. 1. 
Dave Dickerson, Matt Watson. Graham Grain. Brad Mountain. Jason Tower, M.t 
Maganelli. Matt Dagley, and Shawn Bohannon. 

(Above) Hitting the bag first, Graham Grain proves to 
be unstoppable. 

(Above) Josh Daniels prepares to 
step up to the plate. 

(Above) Stepping forward. Brad Mount- 
ian is ready to race toward third. 

raham Grain 

"The group of guys we had this year bonded like no 
other team I have been a part of in the past. We faced 
a lot of adversity this year but we came together as a 
team and made it a year we will always remember. I will 
never forget these fellas and I believe they ALL have 
great things awaiting them in their future, on and off the 
baseball field." 

Craig Turner 

" The thing I learned this season was that sucess is 
not determined by the outcome, but by what you 
learned along the way. " 

(Above) Graig Turner catches the perfect 


The Cone Vision 

The clubs and organizations of this community 
have a core vision. Each group meets in order to 
reach out to others, to inspire others, or to praise 
the Lord. These groups provide a way for many 
different students to come together as a whole to 
share their similar interests. They represent the 
core of their mission to spread their vision to ENC 

Each year we are proud to introduce new clubs 
and organizations. This year we have a couple new 
groups, including Women of Grace Strings Ensem- 
ble, Business Society and Symphonic Winds. The 
clubs and organizations provide the campus with 

a core vision among all who 
participate. These are groups 
where people can express 
themselves individually while 
keeping a tradition alive. 

clubs and Organizations-5'5 

(Below) Mindy Toye relaxing on the grass. 

The Excutive SGA is a group of elected students who organize and run 
all the student activities, events and ministries on campus. The Ex- 
ecutive SGA meet weekly and each of them have daily office hours. 
Although they work together as a group, each one of them have very 
unique and separate tasks to carry out. The Executive members work 
closely with each class council as well as with each club and organiza- 
tion that is funded by the SGA. This group of individuals are the deter- 
mining factor in shaping the student body. 

(Above) Chad Bantjes. Kara Nichols. Lauren Gagiion. Jill Barrett and Ashlc> lose 
pour over the records of the class councils from the prev ious month. These records are 
keeped in binders for each respected class. 

5''^-Clubs & Organizations 

The Accountability 
Review Board checks 
up on the Executive 
SGA and each of 
the class councils to 
assure that they are 
properly fulfilling 
their duties. Each 
council is required 
to keep records of its 

(.Above) Sarah Guest 
scans the activities of the 
Freshman Class Council. 

(Above) Trevor Gates, Matt "Dutch" Van Hoff, Ryan Magnuson, Colin Chap- 
man, Matt Berrian, Rachel Manzo, Laura Bostwick, Ashley Lawson and 
Mindy Toye at one of the last General SGA meetings of the year. 

The General SGA is comprised of the Execu- 
tive SGA members, the editors of the Campus 
Camera and the Nautilus yearbook publica- 
tions. As well as the presidents of each of the 
class council and the chairpersons of both 
the Publication's Board and the Accountibil- 
ity Review Board. The General SGA meets 
twice a month and is the students voice on 
many campus issues. Each member of the 
General SGA has a voting right for many of 
the changes that occur on campus. 

(Above) Matthew Reed found in the 
yearbook office, late for another Gen- 
eral SGA meeting 

(Above) Matt "Dutch" Van 
Hoff and Ryan Magnuson 
having fun at the Easter Egg 

activity for the ARB to review, 
which helps to keep activities 
organized, up to date, and run- 
ning smoothly. Leader Rachel 
Manzo comments, "Sometimes 
the peer-to-peer accountability 
creates tension, but the fact that 
his accountability is between 
)eers is what makes it a good 
hing." The ARB is a valuable 
asset to the General SGA and 
worked with a freshly revised 
constitution this past year. 

(Below) Chad Bantjes, Kara Nichols, Rachel 
Manzo, Jill Barrett, Lauren Gagnon, Sarah Guest 


(Above) Chad Bantjes smiles just before the ARB 
meeting following a long day at his internship. 

clubs & Orgam'zations-5':5 

The Campus Camera is the student 
newspaper of Eastern Nazarene 
College. Published every other 
week, it aims to report on campus 
news, events, and issues important 
to students. This year's Editor in 
Chief.Ashley Lavvson has worked 
hard to make this years Campus 
Camera a valid tool, and source 
of information and campus news 
for both the students as well as the 
faculty and staff. 

(Below) Staff: Tennyson Doan III (OS). Dana Haun 
(06), Susan Baker (07), Ashk^y Law son (06) 

(Abo\c) Hdilor in Chief- Ashley Lawson (06), Spiritual Life - Tennyson 
Doane 111 (08). 

(Abovc)Pub Board is Amanda Egolt (()•■)), PiCNidcnt Justine Twofoot (07). Eileen Price 
(07), Ashley Lawson (06). Matt Reed (06). Dana Goblaskas (06) and ad\ isor Dr. Anita 

^^-Clubs & Organizations 

(Above) Dana Goblaskas 
listens carefully duimg a 

The Publication Board 
is the governing body 
over the two publica-; 
tions on campus, the 
Campus Camera and 
the Nautilus. The Pub- 
lication Board meets 
once every month loi 
discuss the progress, 
quality, finances as 
well as many other 

This book is the last of the "All Things Considered" trilogy set in 
motion by past editor, Martha Jackson (05). Unlike the book's theme, 
this year's staff was almost totally new and smaller. Yet, each member 
did its best to make this third book a true "culmination" of the passed 
three years, seeking to preserve priceless memories as well as look 
ahead to an exciting future. This year proved to be a significant learning 
experience for all of us as a staff. I would personally like to thank our 
Editor in Chief, Matthew Reed (06) for his sacrifice and dedication to 
producing a quality yearbook despite the setbacks that occurred. We 
hope you enjoy "The Culmination." -Liz Kemmerer 

(Left) Liz Kem- 
merer, Matt Coder, 
Krista Spotts and Sarah 
Surprenant. relax in a 
pile trash bags full of 
clothes left over from 
the Stand consignment 

(Right) Matt Coder fin- 
shes up organizing the 
last of the ad requests 
for this year's yearbook 

(Above) Matthew Reed and Pablo Galvez look relieved as the 
just finish a large deadline. 

topics which relate to the operation 
of the student run publications on 
campus. The PubHcation Board 
this year was led by Justine Two- 
foot, this year'ss Chairperson. Sit- 
ting on the Board are the Editors of 
the Nautilus and Campus Camera. 
Other Board memebers include two 
memebers of each class for student 
imput as well as Dr. Anita Henck 
and the advisors of each publica- 
tion. This year the publication 
board did a great job of dealing 
with the many concerns and issues 
that came up along the way. 

Pub Board president, Justine Twofoot (07), discusses 
the standing of the yearbook with Nautilus editor, 
Matthew Reed (06). 

(Above) Editor of the Campus Camera, Ash- 
ley Lawson (06) 

clubs 6>'Organizations-5^7 

You don't have to live on campus to be a part of the 
ENC community. The Commuter Council seeks 
to build community among ENC's commuters, 
mostly through social events. This past year, the 
council held a Valentines Day party as well as an 
end-of-the-year cook out, which attracted a good 
crowd. "Participation has been much better this 
year. Good initiative was taken to have these 
events and organization was good as well," says 
Amy Hwang, advisor to the Commuter Council. 
Under the leadership of their president, Angela 
Shanks (08), the Commuter Council looks forward 
to another great year with a greater number of 
community-building events. 

(Right) Ashley 
Skeen, Nadia 
Brioche, and 
Ludja Gilles 
smile for the 

( Abo\c) The Commuter Council gather around the table tor some gixxl tot)U and icl 
lowship. during a cook out this spring. 

(Below) Jenna Hastings Andrew Ratliff. Ethan Stinehelfer. and Liz Kenunerer 
await to hear an inspiring word from Austin Roberts. 

(Right)Austin Roberts sits 
back and enjoys the crash- 
ing waves at the beach. 

(Below) Liz Kemmerer, 
Jenna Hastings. Ethan 
Stinehelfer, and Andrew 
Ratliff having a good time 
at one of the groups meet- 

Walce ijc from Mour sleep of death. Minstrels 
and bards of other daus! Tor the midnight wind 
is on the heath. And the midnight meteors dimlt) 
blaze: The Spectre with his bloodtj Hand, is 
wandering through the wild woodland; The owl 
and the raven are mute for dread, And the time 
IS meet to awake the dead! — Sir Walter Scott 

^S-Cluhs &■ Organizations 

(Left)Getting his game face ready. Matt is 
focused on today's competitive game. 

(Above) The History Club gather togeather for a group photo after a tough game of 
Softball against the Business Department. 

The History Club provides a place for history 
majors to have a great time, interact with profes- 
sors, and to hear lectures, take trips and engage in 
other such opportunities. The History Glub had a 
full year this past year with a Thanksgiving and 
Christmas reception, freshmen welcome recep- 
tion, various game nights and activities with other 
departments and their annual senior banquet. 
They also rewrote their constitution, sponsored a 
total of six lectures and took a field trip to Adam's 
National Park in the fall. History Club president. 
Heather Warmuth, is hopeful that the club will 
take more advantage of opportunities in Boston 
and to interact with other departments on campus. 
She comments, "The History Club is a very tight- 
knit group of people and I think we know how 
to strike a balance between fun and academics. I 
hope that this continues." 

Beta Phi Mu, beginning this year, encom- 
passes biology and chemestry majors, bring- 
ing to them a sense of community through 
social events, including game nights, Softball 
games against the History Club, and parties. 
This past year, the Bio Club restructured their 
constitution and also began a series of career 
seminars that help to inform under and upper 
classmen of the various career paths available 
in biology and/or chemistry and to keep them 
aware of what is expected of them in their ma- 
jor. Also, this year, the Biology Club teamed 
up with Students for Social Justice and 
cleaned up Wessagusett Park in Weymouth, 
a project that lasted a few hours and accumu- 
lated truckloads of everything from broken 
bottles and candy wrappers to discarded tiers 
and engines. The year ended with their suc- 
cessful annual senior banquet. 

((Above) John Freburger, Kara Nichols, Emily Hol- 
lywood, Philip Harris, and Kristel Pendleton. 

(Above) Jamei King takes the phrase 
"I love Biology" to a whole other 

clubs & Organizations-^^ 

The Student Association of Social Workers (SASW) is an organization committed to 
serving the community and increasing aw areness of social work as a profession, says senior 
and president of SASW. Ryan Ardrey. This year. SASW sponsored a campus-wide gift 
drive to prt)v ide children of k)w-income families in the Germaniown area with Christmas 
gifts. They defined social work as "a profession of care" on campus durring Social Work 
Awareness Month this passed March. They also raised money to put together Easter baskets 
for children involved w ith Friends of the Homeless. Each year, SASW receives thankful 
letters from the community they ser\e. demonstrating that they are the embodiment of "a 
profession of care. " 

11 mm 

PEC seeks to bring the excitement of physics and 
engineering to ENC through inviting student lo 
participate in activities that may help them en- 
joy their physics more. "PEC is about shedding 
the stereo type of geekiness and showing the 
campus that even though we are smart, we can 
have fun too," says PEC president. Jonathan Hall 
(06). The group sold balso wood airplanes, had a 
homemade ring game (similar to opperation) and 
converted the plasma screens into a video game 
station. Their second annual Egg Drop competi- 
tion proved to be another success and a tradition 
that will continue. PEC has crown in size this (Above). Izirlei Guimaraes, Wes Rankin. Andrew Hill .Paul Aliotia. Chad 
year and shown great leadership potential. Jona- Stevens, Matthew Woodley Tim Troxler, David Resirick, and Jonathan 
than is confident that PEC w ill further enrich this 
campus with events, activities and lectures in the 

100-Clubs & Organizations 

This year marked the first in the life of ENC's Business 
Society. Created for the purpose of establishing networks 
between students and neighborhood businesses, the Business 
Society made some significant accomplishments its first 
year. Fall semester, they held a major event on campus with 
Massachusetts State Treasurer Tom Cahill as their guest 
speaker. They also held a resume workshop and participated 
in Jr. Achievement, a program in which ENC students enter 
neighborhood elementary schools to teach the kids how 
important they are to their city and also teach them a little 
bit about business. Business Society president Ana Pimentel 
attests, "The Business Society has helped me personally 
create a larger network," and future plans for the group 
include the hope of it becoming an honors society, offering 
scholarships for business majors and connecting with recent 

(Above) Leif Jansson, Ana Pimental, Lissa Tovar, Amy Dolinger, Gabrial 
Vigue, and Dan Ambrefe, the exceutive members of the Business Society. 

clubs & Organizations-lOl 


(Above) Jen Smith digs for magazines in one of the many cupboards of the IRC. 
Magazines are often used for chppings and pictures that Barnabas uses to customize 
cards for faculty members. 

(Above) Charissa De- 
franca lay s newspaper 
down to ready the table 
for painting. 

Named after the 
apostle Paul's first 
missionary compan- 
ion, known as "the en- 
courager." Barnabas 
gathers weekly in the 
IRC to create inspir- 
ing notes and cards 
for ENC's faculty and 
staff members. These 
cards have brought 

Beginning this year, HNC's Prayer 
Warriors and Verse of the Week 
have pulled together to formulate 
ENC's Warriors. The Warricirs meet 
weekly in Angell Chapel to lift up 
the needs of the student body in 
prayer and to spread encouragement 
to the campus with a new verse each 
week. This verse, once chosen, is 
printed and posted around campus. 
The Warriors say that seeing the 
verse reminds fellow students that 
they don't have to feel alone, that 
there is a God who cares and people 
who care. 

is a ministrtj that 
remembers the commu- 
nittj and with all of the 
changes that are hap- 
pening its important to 
do that" 

-Krista 5 potts 

102-Clubs &■ Organizations 

(Right) Megan WihkI- 
ward and Hrin Crosby 
pray together as Megan 
reads prayer requests 
from each member as 
well as others fri>m the 
student bixly. 

(Above) Cameron Young and Isaac Wood- 
ward pray respectively as the prayer need>> 
are read aloud. 

(Above) Isaac Wtxxlward (Co-leader). Megan Wixxiward (Co-leader). Krista 
Spotts (Co-leader), Jonathan Bohall. Cameron ^oung . students united in 
prayer for ENC. 

laughter and, most of all, encour- 
agement to those who receive 
them. This is a treasured ministry 
on campus. Recipients of cards 
have often commented that every- 
thing from the timing of the card 
to its seemingly customed design 
was perfect. Leader Jen Smith 
says, "God has definitely blessed 
this ministry as well as used it to 
bless others." Barnabus was a 
valuable ascet to Encouragment 
Week this past year and has also 
made a valient attempt to reach 
out to more of the student body 
and hopes to continue doing so. 

"Sarnabas has defim'telt) 
been a positive experi- 
ence. I never Lnew that 
a little card or note could 
mean so much." 

^ Jen Smith 

(Below) Andrea Steigleder a message for a 
card going to a faculty member. 

(Above) Andrea Steigleder, Jen Smith (Leader), 
Jess Travers, Charissa Defranca 

(Below) Jen Smith, Pablo Galvez, Josh Burley, Krista Spotts, Phil Nase, Liz Kemmerer, Tenny 

We all need a cup of cold water in His 
name, and that includes those who often 
carry the water jugs. Oasis is a gathering 
of all of the ministry leaders on campus 
that takes place one Saturday morning 
a month. During this time, the leaders 
share concerns, pray for one another, and 
discuss and strategize future ministry 
lans. "It's a good time to connect with 
Dther leaders and it also reminded me that 
wasn't alone in a lot of the concerns 1 
lad," says Liz Kemmerer (07), STAND 
eaden Under the leadership of this 
/ear's Student Ministries Director, Colin 
Zlhapman (06), Oasis 's goal for this year 
vas to maintain an inner/outer focus; 
;ach ministry would distinguish ways 
reach out to the campus (inner) as well as to the community 
outer). Oasis looks forward to continuing to deepen the 
communication of ENC's ministry leaders in the days ahead. 

clubs & Organizations-lO^ 

In its first full year up and running. Students tor Social 
Justice is about education, empow erment and. especially, 
service. Working closely with the Office of Spiritual De- 
velopment, social justice has become the "hot word" on 
campus. This year. SSJ sponsored a domestic violence 
awarneness program on campus, a Wal-Mart awareness 
program, a push for a recycling program on campus and 
and the Invisible Children program. They also assisted 
in the activities of several campus ministries and orga- 
nizations Students have been challenged to think seri- 
ously about social justice and how they can act on it. as 
have administrators, in relation to the students at ENC. 
SSJ co-leader. Jonathan Youngman (07). states. "Social 
justice is not something that belongs within the confines 
of a special interest group. It needs to be a personal life- 
style and community focus. My hope is that SSJ will 
move ENC in this direction." 

(Below)Danicllc Kcndrall (09) and Beth Klopfer (09) 
design some promotional materials tor the Invisible 
Children night commute down in the IRC. 

(Right) Kaitlin Murphy (06) 
finishes a sign for the display 
set up in the Student Center in 
honor of the Invisible Children 
night commute. 

(Above) SSJ co-leaders. Jonathan Youngman (07) and Rachel Cuflfe (08) pau 
from thier letter-writing during the Invisible Children Global Night Commute i 
Boston Commons on .April 29th. Over 100 ENC students participated. 

(.•\btive) Dana Goblaskas (06) pui^ 
together a p>oster illustrating instruc- 
tions for the Invisible Children night 

& Organizations 

(Below) Preston Graveline (09) "dis- 
tributes the elements" as he assumes 
the role of JUMP's next co-leader 

(Above): Courtney Doyle (09) and Jes- 
sica Hagelgans (09) jump for joy over 

(Left) JUMP co-leader, Erin Lafex (06), 
is rearing to go as she leads the pack. 

Jump Drama Ministry is a group of students that ministers 
to the campus and neighboring community through the 
medium of drama and dramatic readings. Primarily, they 
perform for youth groups and chapel services on campus. 
This year, Jump played a major role in the Domestic 
Violence chapel put on by Students for Social Justice 
in October. They also performed for Ash Wednesday 
chapel in April. "The large number of freshmen who 
joined this year brought lots of energy to the group," 
says co-leader Erin Lafex (06). Under the leadership 
of Preston Graveline (09) and Angela Richardson (08) 
next year, one of Its primary goals was to step it up 
on outreach through more traveling performances. 
"Traveling, we found, really helps us gel as a group and, 
therefore, excel as a ministry," Erin says. Exploding 
with energy, talent and sincere dedication to ministry, 
Jump is enjoyed by both the campus and community. 

(Above) Co-leaders Danielle Stodden (06) and Erin Lafex (06) have taken JUMP to a much higher level ... literally! 

clubs & Organizati'ons-lO;^ 

STAND (Students Tackling AIDS 
kNeeling Down) is a ministry devoted 
to the local and global fight against the 
HIV/AIDS pandemic through raising 
awareness, fundraising to support re- 
search and humanitarian projects per- 
taining to AIDS and hands-on service. 
Affiliated with World Vision's Acting 
on AIDS, STAND brought the Lives at 
Stake movement to the campus in hon- 
or of World AIDS Day in December. 
They also held an AIDS Awareness 
Week in April during which they held 
their annual consignment shop, a col- 
loquium and showed a documentar\ 
film. STAND plans to cultivate their 
newly established relationships with 
local AIDS facilities through partici- 
pation in projects sponsored by these 
organizations and regular volunteer 


(Above) Ethan Stinehelfer prepares to eat the \vcxiden crosses (Above) Amanda Fish takes a swing 
meant to be placed on the front law to depict the children dying at the task of assembing crosses, 
of AIDS in Africa. 

106-Clubs &• Organizations 


(Above) Jennifer Horberg , Genevieve Rivera and Jocelyn Cox 
sip some tea and enjoy in conversation at a Women of Grace 

Brand new to ENC and already a highly respected orga- 
nization, Women of Grace is a group within the campus 
designed to build a woman's self-worth. This is done 
through fellowship, panels and other awareness mecha- 
nisms pertaining to issues women continue to face in to- 
day's society;including education, and service projects. 
WOG spent the fall semester writing their very own con- 
stitution and emerged in the spring as an SGA sponsored 
organization. In just one semester, WOG held a number 
of quality events including a well-attended exploita- 
tion panel and a faculty/staff/student tea party and also 
worked with the SGA during Breast Cancer Awareness 
Month. As the organization expands, WOG would like 
to begin reaching out to the community by impliement- 
ing educational programs in high schools and the like. 
Leader Genevieve Rivera (07) explains, "Each of these 
girls has their own reasons for being here. The diversity 
helps make Women of Grace what it is." 

(Above) Regina Peterson and 
Molly Trevathan having a good 
time at a Women of Grace meet- 

Above) Eve Nickerson and Kate Hulien sit and sip a cup of tea 

clubs & Organizations-lO/ 

-I 1 

(Far Right): Amy 
Ferguson (09) pours a 
cup of orange juice for 
an inhabitant of The 

Right) Rob Warner (09) 
pacics some freshly made 
sandwiches into bread 
bags so they can be easily 
carried into Boston. 

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water ... because he is my diciple, I 
tell you the truth, he will not loose his reward." Open Hand Open Heart is a 
ministry that travels into the heart of Boston to offer physical, emotional and 
spiritual support to the homeless and needy. Each Saturday, once in the morn- 
ing and once in the evening, a group of five or more willing students assembles 
in The Dugout to prepare sandwiches, juice and a large bin of clothing. They 
then ride the T to the Boston Commons to offer these items and the warmth of 
friendship to those in need. These students and several of the recipiants of this 
ministry know one another on a first name basis and look forward to the provi- 
sions and good company the group brings. "It gives them strength to get through 

(Right) After hand- **< 
ing Dave a sand- 
wich, Wes Raniviii 
(06) discusses world 
issues with him, 
whom the students 
regularly visit in the 

the day, week, month or year," says leader Wesley Rankin (06). 
This passed year, with the help of Public Relations major 
Amanda Egolf (09), Open Hand Open Heart was able to cap- 
ture some community attention. They had articles printed in 
both the Quincy Star and the Patriot Ledger and, as a result, the 
ministry received a generous monetary donation from a con- 
cerned reader. When asked about the future of this ministr>. 
Wes expresses his expections for its growth and his confidence 
in its new leaders. Josh Burley (09) and Matt Woodley (09). 
He says, "Each year we have new people join and continue 
the work and I don't see that slowing down any time soon.' 

lOS-Clubs & 

(Left) Josh Burley (09) is one 
of next year's two new leaders 
whom Wes calls, "convicted and 

(Left) A member of 
Open Hand Open Heart 
leaves a sandwich for 
an inhabitant of the 
Commons who sleeps 
on a heating grate to 
keep warm. 

clubs & Orgam'zations-105^ 

(Above) The Choral Union performs in the Wollaston Church 

Choral Union serves 
I the ENC community by 
performing works of the 
^ classical repertoire and 
educates music majors in 
ensemble performance 
through exposure to clas- 
sical works. This year 
like the past 75 years. 
Choral Union performed 
Handel's Messiah, which 
always draws alumni 


(Above) I/irlci Guimaraes keeps the 
beat for the Chamber singes and A 
Cappclla choirs 

no-clubs & 

back to campus and is a highlight of the 
Christmas season. In addition, they per- 
formed Mozart's Requiem, which proved 
to a very powerful, moving piece for 
both the listers and performers. Also, the 
group performed two outreach concerts 
in the winter and spring for disabled war 
veterans at the VA hospital in Bedford, 
Massachusetts. Dr. Delvin Case attests, 
"Bringing the joy of music to these he- 
roes was a powerful experience not only 
for them, but also for the Choral Union. 
It showed the power of music to unite 
the young and the old, the sick and the 
healthy, the religous and the irreligous." 
Choral Union will continue the tradition 
of the Messiah, performing master works 
in the spring, and will continue present- 
ing outreach concerts. 

(Above) Del Case introduces the Choral Union and the song they are about to preform. 

Above) MacKenzie Cusick and Shea Zellweger performing a song with the 
est of the A Cappella Choir. 

A Cappella and Chamber Singers, according to 
President Katelyn Crouse (08), seeks to praise, serve 
and grow in God, in each other and musically. "We 
work as a team to enhance our musical abilities as well 
as feed each other spiritually and emotionally ... I don't 
know where I would be spiritually if this group hadn't 
impacted me and others around me so much," says 
Katelyn. The group completed fall, winter and spring 
tours as well as their major performance at Jordan Hall 
at the New England Conservatory of Music. Along 
with the spiritual emphasis, the substantial number of 
freshmen, each of which have displayed an enormous 
amount of potential, made this an exceptional year of 
growth for A Cappella and Chambers. For all of these 
reasons, Katelyn and the rest of the group look forward 
to another challenging and enjoyable year. 

(Above) Katelyn Crouse 

(Above) Rebekah Foose sings 

clubs & Orgam'zati'ons-111 

According to Dr. Delvin Case, Gospel 
Choir's mission is "to provide an education 
in choral singing in the gospel music tradi- 
tion, to contribute to worship services by 
performing with passion and enthusiasm, 
to serve our community by presenting 
outreach/benelit concerts, and to provide 
a model for Christian community for 
members of the ENC campus." This past 
year. Gospel Choir recorded its first profes- 
sional-quality recording entirely produced 
at ENC. They also performed in a number 
of ENC's chapel services, performed a 
number of concerts, including one at ENC's 
first annual Cultures of the World Festival 
on April 29th. The group looks to 
their number of outreach concerts and to 
soon perform at Disney World in Florida. 

( Below ) Magon Parent and Christina 
Chcstna singing at the Cuhural Extrava- 
iian/a held on the front lawn. 

(.Aho\i.') Kulh-Ann Lewis pla\s the key- 
bH>ard for the Gospel Choir 

r ™ 


112-Clubs & Organizations 

(Below) Alex Hardy listens at- 
tentively as he tunes his cello. 

Insipired by Dr. Delvin Case, ENC's string en- 
semble is actually a rebirth of the extensive orches- 
tra that once existed here. According to director 
Anne Webb, among such a large, diverse group 
of the people, chances are a certain percentage of 
them play an instrument. "Right now, we have a 
chamber group [consisting of a first violin, second 
violin, viola and cello]. But we hope to grow as 
others hear about it and want to join us," Webb 
says. The group came together in the beginning 
of spring semester and held their first performance 
with symphonic winds during their spring concert 
in the Mann Student Center. Members of the en- 
semble found that they advanced thier level of skill 
over the semester and found renewed enjoyment 
in playing. Performers are eligible for class credit 
from the music department. 

(Above) Suzanne Andrew warms up with a few 
exercises before practice. 


Sarah Lent ~ ]st Violin 
1,1/ Kemmerer ~ Viola 
\lex Hardy ~ Cello 
Suzanne Andrew ~ 2nd Violin 
Kcbekah Guevara ~ Viola 
Xnne Hooper Webb ~ Director 

clubs & Orgam'zations-115 

(Below) Sarah Smail demonstrates 
great technical skill as she accompa- 
nies the rest of the performers. 


( Ahovc) Director Stephen C. Bell directs a 
rehearsal for the spring concert in Cove. 

(Left) Justin Pearl jams with the his fellow 
performers during rehearsal. 

This group began at ENC very small with 
only about six or seven musicians. It grew 
immensely after it was opened up to the com 
munity. They now traditionally perform twc 
concerts a year in the winter and spring ant 
this is the fourth year they have pertormec 
ihe music at commencement. Winds director 
Stephen C. Bell, declares that the symphonic 
winds is predominantly a chance for learn- 
ing and teaching between young and veteran 
musicians. The symphonic wind ensemble 
at ENC is made up of ENC students as wet 
as middle and high school students and adult 
musicians from the community who may join 
free of charge. In this setting, veterans ha\ c 
the joy of continuing to play and youngci 
musicians are challenged to improve and ad 
vance in thier musical abilities. Symphonic 
winds offers class credit for performers. 

IH-Clubs & Organizations 

(Above and Below) The Social Life Committee dem- 
onstrates just a few ways how we can let loose and 
have a little fun here on campus. 

(Above) Ryan Magnuson giv- 
ing away prizes at this year's 
Spring Fever. 


(Above) Tony Salemi and Ryan 
Magnuson start to build a hu- 
man tower. 

The social life committee is 
responsible for sponsoring 
and organizing the major SGA 
social life events on campus. 
Headed up this past year by Ryan 
Magnuson (06), the executive 
SGA social life director, the 
social life committee's events 
often include game shows, 
concerts and other creative forms 
of entertainment that the entire 
campus can participate in and 
enjoy. This year, the committee 
put on the second annual harvest 
party in October and engaged the 
campus in an all out campus-wide 
game of assassins. It proved to 
be another exciting year for the 
social life committee and it hopes 
to continue the trend of fun in the 
years to come. 

clubs & Organizations-ll^ 

College life allows for a plethora of personalities to display 
their own talents and behaviors. The individual expres- 
sions that the student body encompasses reach a diverse 
range. Whether it is through style, behavior, culture, faith, 
or friendships, this community is able to express itself in 
many distinctive ways. This year the student life events 
catered to a wide range of individuals who expressed 
themselves in a variety of ways. The game shows were a 
hit among those who wanted to embarrass themselves for 
an amusing prize, while the intramural sports were a lot 
of fun among those who wanted to show off their athletic 
abilities. The concerts, open mic nights, and "The Spot" 
were a place for students or guests of ENC to express 
themselves though their musical abilities. The audience 
cheering them on. The indi- 
vidual expression describes 
what each and every student 
carries with them that impacts 
the ENC community. 

Social Life-liy 

Everybody gathers together for group photo after a fun night of bowling. 

Welcome week brought the student body together and gave a warm 
welcoming to the new incoming freshmen. Several events, such as 
capture the flag, movie night, bowling, ice cream social, a concert 
with the Nazarene Bethel Church, and the front lawn free-for-all, 
gave everyone a chance to loosen up and meet new students, as well 
as re-unite with roommates and friends before it all went up hill. 
Welcome Week '05 was the starting point to our new school year 
with new admistration and new students. 

-Kristal Lee 

Edward Rose and D 
Siraughan "strike" a pose. 


120 - Social Life 


Dave of ''Dave and Brian" serenades one 
of the audience members with a love song 
from one of his musical comedies. 


Matt "Dutch" Van Hoff celebrates 
his victory as he gets a strike. 
Way to go, Dutch! 

Kinsin Theodoris. who is in the 
ministry group Altar Nation from 
the Bethel Church of the Naz- 
erene youth group 

The SGA council kicks off 
Welcome Week, as they serve 
the sudent body at the first 
ice-cream social. Mindy Toye, 
SGA president, (right) serves 
Chris Young a whipped cream 


Luke Dodge awaits to hit the oncoming softball. 

Dave Chrisos. left, is wanning 
up by hitting the plate. Blake 
Marshall, right, waits for a 
hit that will advance him to 

Eric Peterson, left, w aits 
for his teammate to get a 
hit. while Blake Marshall 
is prepared to catch the 

i I 

122 - Social Life 


Tennyson Diiane. chaplain Uix the sophomiire chiss. buiU this 
incredible wheel for the sophomore event. Good work. Tenny ! 

Emily Dunham also known ;ts "Pal Sajak" hosts 
tho sophomor<- evi-iit Wheel of furtune. She n-ads 
the ealegory to the eontesiajits in the first nnind. 

"I have a new appreciation for 
the process of beautification 
that women go through 
everyday. At least they don'i 
have to adjust the proportion 
of socks that are taped to their 
chests every few mintues... 
that was roush." 

-Davey Edmunds, 
a.k.a. Vanna White 

Jordon Cooper spins the wheel, hoping that it does 
not stop on "hanknipt". 

ITie puzdcs ninijrd in dilhi iilr\ Inwii eas\ to hard. 
>iK h as the wmrd "iRfcio." an exaiiipir of an easy 
pu/,/.lr. Or "Milk was a bad choice." taken fmm 
the nimir Amhiv Man.wAs one of the hard puzzln. 
In both casrs. the ci>ntestants wrre not able to 
j{uess the corrrci answrrs to either of the puzzles. 

124 - Social Life 

Social Life - 


]l6 - Social Life 

Students gather in the Student Center due to the the rain that washed out the 2(K)5 homecoming street fair. 
Students, alumni, and their children still managed to enjoy themselves indoors. 


Nate Martsolf clowns around as he 
makes animal balloons to earn money for 
Constituency Relations. 

The Engineering Club charges 23 cents a piece to 
play video games. Herb Albertson. his children, 
and many more seem to be enjoying themselves. 

Jonathan Youngman and Rae Cuffc enjoy 
themseU es as they serN e fair trade coffee to earn 
money for the Students for Social Justice Club. 

"Despite that the 
weather was bad that 
day, and the junior 
class made no profit, 
like many other 
organizations, it was 
still a lot of fun." 
-Pablo Galvez 

Ryan Magnuson shows off one of the few 
dollars earned during this year's street fair. 

Sarah Wmeland and Ryan Andrey pose as the> serve 
pizza to raise monev for the Sivial Work Club. 

\13 - Social Life 

Mark Douglas and Susie Simpson look intimidating in their 
mobster costumes as they pose for the camera. 

"Dressing up is fun 
and, seriously, in 
the middle of the 
semester, I need 
something fun to 
look forward to." 


Lindsey Marchand, dressed as a coral snake and 
Davey Edmonds, Waldo of "Where's Waldo?" enjoy 
themselves as they wait to see if they will win the 
costume contest. 

ENC's harvest party, sponsored by the 
SGA and held on Halloween night, had 
a good turn out this year. The tradition 
originally started because the SGA 
recognized that some Christians struggled 
with the celebrations of Halloween because 
of its origins in witchcraft. 

Sticking to tradition, this year's harvest 
party consisted of games, music, fellowship, 
and the movie The Sixth Sense topping off the 
night. Games included a variation of musical 
chairs, but instead of chairs, contestants 
had to walk in a circle and stand on paper 
leaves that were placed on the floor. Other 
games included a race to eat a marshmallow 
dangling from a string and the toilet paper- 
wrap race. The winner of each game received 
prizes such as t-shirts and DVDs. The big 
contest of the night was the costume contest. 
Prizes were given for best, most original, and 
funniest costumes. 

-Matthew S. Reed 

Sara Donahue struts her stuff, showing off her 
bumblebee costume as she competes in one 
of the rounds of musical chairs. 

Erika Stuart and Rachel Manzo wrap Lauren 
Gagnon with toilet paper in hopes that they will 
win the contest and the prize. 

Matt Dagley's costume is a gas. Who can't 
appreciate a giant woopie cushion? 

Lauren Halvorson. dressed as a "little person." gives 
a victory dance as she is awarded the prize for best 

Social Life - \19 

(Right) Luke Cochran and Marvelyn 
McFarlanc gaze inti) the crystal ball to 
learn Dorothy's future. 

(Left) Dorothy, played by Marvelyn 
McFarlane. sings "Somewhere Over the 
Rainbow" with Toto by her side before 
being taken away from Kansas and on 
her journey to OZ. 

(Below) Elmsra Gultch. played by 
Angela Richardson argues with Auntie 
Em. played by Jennie Warren. 

l^O-Social Life 

(Below ) Chad Rcstnck passes oti ihc ball lo 
Andy Avila .who pushes toward a lirst down. 

(Above) Grahm Grain inspeets his Hags 

(Abo\e) Craig Turner hikes the ball to the quarterback., and prepares lo im^kk. 

]^l-Soc\a\ Life 

(Left) Justin Coffey stands defeated after being stripped of his flag. 

(Above) Two-stepping wonder, Tim White, is all over the 
place to gain a few yards for the team. 

Social Li'fe-155 

1^4-Social Life 

vb(n e) Rachael Walker prepares to catch the football while (Above) Can't touch this: Sarah Wineland dashes between two 

';fender Jennifer Yerdon reaches to grab the flag. defenders while holding the football tightly. 


(Above) Colin Chapman reads the category to 
Vanessa Ayersman. who works in Admissions. 

(Below) Brooke Bartlett readies herself, trying to be 
the first to buzz in and earn her team more points. 

Social Li'fe-145 

(Above) Here is the first look at Mr. ENC 2006 candidates and a 
hidden talent. Get your groove on, boys! 

14-4-Social Life 

(Above) Tim White graces us u iih 
his ribbon dancing abihties. but it 
was the tutu that reallyimpressed us. 

( .-\b«.>\ e » Who IS this gu\ Mike 
Cascio uses impersonations to lea\ e 
a lasting impression on the judges 

(Right) In the final event 
of the night, Tyler Crovvell 
shows off his picture pose. 



(Above) Luc Jasmin, this years Mr. ENC, introduces himself 
to the crowd at the beginning of the contest. 

(Above) The panel of female judges is ready and waiting to see 
the men, but first they must tell what it is that makes them fit for 
judging an event this important. 


(Above) Under the sea. Ariel (Jamie ( A;\u ^ Lon Soarcs dresses as Pnn- 

Swedick) dreams about w hat her life cess Jasmine and recites an original 

could be like. poem. 

I4(<-Social Life 

(Right) Cristina Winchester, 
also known as Minnie Mouse, 
uses her talent of smelling 
cheese to impress the judges. 
Cristina was later crowned 
ENCs first Miss Spally. 

(Above) Jillian Barrett, dressed as Tinkerbell, 
shows off her gymnastic talent and ponders 
why she enjoys life. 

(Above) Co-hostess with the mostest, Beth Jackson, uses 
some princess charm of her own to introduce each contes- 

(Above) Cinderella and Prince Charming serenade the crowd, while Ashley 
Staples and Ally Cheney try to keep straight faces. 

Social Li'fe-14-7 

14-5 Social Life 

(Right) DJ Glisson 
embraces Faith Musembi 
in congratulations for 
winning the Director of 

(Below) Liz Barnard, the new admin 
assistant, prepares to take on the many 
roles Matt "Dutch" Van Hoff completes 
behind the scenes for SGA. 

(Above) Enthusiastic, Chris Lee and Ryan Magnuson represent the 
Social Life position. 

(Above) After serving for two years as 
President, Mindy Toye is ready to pass 
the torch to Emily Dunham. 

Social Life l+5> 

(Riiiht) Rachc 
Sorcnscn prepares 
for a foul shot while 
her sister. Rebckah 
Sorenseii. readies lo 

(Right) In the 
finals tor girls J- 
Terin Basketball, 
the women box 
out with hands up 

l^0-5ocial Life 

( Above) Jamie Swedick got fouled w hite 
going in for a shot and attempts at extra 
|x>ints for her team. 

Social Li'fe-l;51 

(Right)Injured from her own indoor game, 
Gabrielle Stacy prepares to climb thi 
bleachers as a spectator. 

(Right) Chris Youni; 
ready and waiting, 
watching intently as he ^ 
tends the goal. 

(Above) Jonas Imbert. from Team 
Internationals attempts to steal 
the ball from Zach Andrew, from 
Team Last Place. 

(Right) Josh Corbin and Ryan 
Calhoun battle for possession of 
the soccer ball. 

l^Z-Social Life 

(Left) JP Marcellus and 
Bryan Wright battle for 
possession of the ball, 
both trying to use the 
wall for support. 

(Above) Melody Anderson, from Team Random, gets ready to pass the ball upheld to 
Jackie Enos, as Amy dolinger looks on. 

(Above) Chelsea Clark attempts to 
beat Allison Nowland to the ball. 

Social Life-1:^5 

(Above) Matt "Dutch" Van HofT works on (Above) Andy Avila peeks thR)iigh the tree as (Below) Jenniler erdon shows off the pn. 

(Above) Nicole Culbert sends the ping-pong (Above) Connie Slocum takes her best shot 

ball back over the net in hopes to close the gap ptKil. 
on the score. 

1^4-Social Life 

(Above) With their "I'm with him" and "I'm with her" hats, Faith Belyea and Dan Ambrefe battle 
for a win at foosball. 

Social Li'fe-];?^ 

(Right) Robert 
Benjamin and crew 
perform a song from 
the musical RENT. 

(Right) Taking the prize 
all the way to the top. 
this group knew how to 
perform! (Left to right- 
Sarah Morris, Preston 
Graveline. Julianne Hale, 
and Kerri Mills 

\%-Soc\c\ Life 

(Above) While awaiting the resuUs from the judges, a few members from the audience perform 
a Httle something of their own. 

(Left) Tenny Doane pumps his fist with enthusiasm at the kicic off to spring Fever weekend. 

Social Life-I;^/ 

(Right) Justin Coffey and 
Andrew Leman relax after 
racing through the giant blow- 
up course. 

(Above) Luke Cochrun dashes at the start of the obstacle course as Matt "Dutch" 
Van Hoff takes the other side. 

(Above) Tim Troxler makes sure everyone has 
"the time of their life" on the giant bull. 

Social Life- 

(Left) The team is ready 
and waiting for the 
whistle and to take on its 

(Above) Kim Hillman gets ready to release the 
ball in attempt to knock out her opponent. 

(Above) Brittany Boswell stands guard as 
many threats of knocking down the pin begin 
to come her way. 

(Above) On the whistle, both teams try to beat the other to the line of dodgeballs. 

Social Life-1^1 


(Above) Jonas Imbert has fun as he rocks out on the drums 
at this year's Battle of the Bands. 


(Above) Wassim Lebbos makes playing the 
guitar look he jams along with his band. 

I^Z-Social Life 

(.AKnc) Joseph Burle> smgs The 
Pirates Who Dont't Do .An) thing" 
from Veggiie Tales. 

(Right) Andrew Hill has great 
concentration as he plays 
along with his band. 

(Above) Lead singer Matt LeBlanc and members sing a little tune. 


(Right) Molly 
Trevathan dedi- 
cates "Goodbye 
Earl" to Laura 
Bostwick in her 
karaoke selection. 

I6o-5ocial Life 

(Above) Jake Maclnnis. Graham Grain. 
Lindse> Pelletier. and Josh Corbin gather 
for a quick shot. 

(Below) Isaac and Meghan Woodward are 
ready for a good night out with friends. 

Social Life-1<^7 

(Below) Blake Marshall and Dani^ 
Campbell enjoy a cool drink > 
apple juice after a long day. 

(Above) Who knew that the dorm could be used lor 

k-^S-Social Life 

(Left) Andy Avila takes 
a few minutes for some 

(Above) Water park, what? It was a slippery mess 
down this hallway. Surprisingly these girls managed to 
contain all the water. 

(Above) Wes Rankin and Jonathan Hall battle in a game of wits, while Tim Troxler and Jessica 
Berube watch intently during open dorms in Young Apartments. 

(Above) Emily Hollywood teases Kara 
Nichols' hair during a "girls night" and 
practice the night before the Jr/Sr. 

Social U^e-]69 


^Mom, (DacC, and ^Matt 


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, 
savs the Lord. Thoughts of peace and not of evil, to 

give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29:11 
We are very proud of you and love you very much. 
"1 hope YOU dance." 

Mom, Dad, and B.J. 


Kristel Mae Pendleton 

Your mother and father would be so proud! 

**Thou dost show me the path of 
life; in thy presence there is a fullness of 
joy, in thy right hand are pleasures for 
Psakns 16:11 

Through the beauty of the sun 

shining through the clouds, 

or in the gloriously painted sky at dawn, 

or in the evening as the sun goes down, 

God tells us that He is here. 

Through the gift of laughter, 

the hug of a loved one. 

through the eyes of a child, 

God tells us that He is here. 

God shares with us, the abvUty to form memories, 

that will stay with us always and forever; 

sometimes a smell, a taste, or something that we see, .. 

something that warms our heart with love. 

And at times in our lives 

when sadness encompasses us.... 

through the loss of loved ones, 

God, ever present, 

takes our heart... 

healing it at the time we need it most. 

God asks only that we know 

He is near, always. 

Sometimes, in His infinite wisdom, 

He places the right people in our lives at the right time... 

I thank Him for putting you in our hves. 

"And 80t from the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that 
you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and 
understanding, to lead a life worth of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit 
in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. May you be 
strengthened with all power according to his glorious might, for all endurance and 
patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to share in the 
inheritance of the saints in light." Letter of Paul to the Colossians 1:9-12 

Ad vertisements-1 /I 


Dear Jackeline Thais, 

We are grateful to the Lord for your life. 
You have worked hard and diligently to 
achieve your goal. Only God knows what 
He has in store for you as you continue 
serving Him. We thank God for all He's 
done in your life and for being such a 
wonderful daughter, sister, and aunt. We 
are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Sheiry-Am, Christian, Jack, and Jason 

Dear Jacky, 

You are very special to us. Our thoughts 

and prayers are with you. May the 

Lord Jesus Christ guide and protect you 

always. Congratulations! 

Pastor R. Marcano, Norma, Jossie, Omar, Rolando, 
Nilda, Jausel, Carmen Ferre, Lillian, Marian, Frankie, 
Carmen Vega, Marta Labatud, Chichi, Ginger, and 
Mrs. C. Fernandez 



"Do you see a person diligent in their business? 
They shall stand before Kings..." - Proverbs 22:29 

We are very proud of you. 

With our love, 
Mom, Dad, Mary, & Mike 

Lift up your eyes and look about you... 
your daughters are carried on the arm. Then... 
your heart will swell with joy. - Isaiah 60:4-5 

All of your family is so proud of you. We love you. 


Melinda Hamlin 

We are very proud of you. We love you, 

-Mom, Dad & Amanda 

S^aura J/dc^e^ zfrnitfi 


You're the besti! We have been so blessed because 
of you. Trust in the Lord all your days. 

"For I know the plans I have for you. ' declares the 
LORD. " plans to prosper you and not to harm you. 
plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah 29:1 1 

We are proud of you and love you. 
Dad, Mom, Wesley and Bradley 

^4 -Advertisements 


Congratulations, Ryan! 
We are proud of you. 

-Dad, Mom, Michael, Andrew, & Susan 

Lindsay 'Rpse Cortis 

You dove made our GvesfuSof joy <3i fiappiness. 
We are very -proud of the woman that you have become. 

"Lucky s^ars above you, Sunshine on your wcy. 
Many friends to love you, Joy in work and play. 
Loughter to outweigh each care, In your heart a song, 
And gladness watting everywhere 
All your whole life long." 

CMom, (Dad and Josh 


Ii(»t l()V(» and raitliriiliicss iiovcr Icavo you; bind 
tlicin around yoiii- neck, write tlicni on the tahlct 
of your heart. Then you will win I'avoi* and j»ood 
name in tli(> si^ht of (lod and man. 

We connnend your cflort, heautit'ul. 
We love you so nuicli. 

- Your sister, Mom tV. I hid 

"May what you have experienced and 
your ambition in hfe lead to contentment. 
- Mom & Dad 

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of 
God, that He may exalt you in due time." - 1 Peter 5:6 



Rachel Abra Manzo 

We are blessed to luvt 


VouT church family 
ii North ProvidtnaAttemblv of God 

Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for 
god's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He's the one who will keep you on track. 

Proverbs 3:5,6 


to die Class of 100^ 
and all tliose in the ENC Gospel Choir, 
We have been blessed by you! 

May Cod continually be your Guide/ 
North Providence Assembly of Cod 

Jo Our Only Dau9ht€P. 
Yoo bring such joy to our lives! 

y\|£'rc SO proud of you! 

l^om Dad 








Dad. mom. & )ON 

CHristopfier (Bowditc/i 

Tor I kjUHi, the pCans I Have for you, declares tfie Lord, plans to prosper you and 
not to harm you. pCans togweyou (tope and a future. Jeremiah 29:1 J 

'We are so very protuf of you, Cfiris! 
'We Cove you, Mom ^(Dad 

In his hean, a man plons his course, but the Lord determines his steps. -Proverbs 16:9 

We hove hod plans and desires for you, but most importantly, we have always 
wanted God's will for you. We see His will happening and hope and pray He will 
always "determine" your steps. 
Congratulotions on a job well done! We love you ond are very proud of you! 
-Mom & Dad 


Trust in Him and continue to follow 
your dreams.We are so proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 


As a gift from God, > ou were brought into this world as a 
bouncing baby girl full of life and personalit> . Through your 
\ ears of life walking hand in hand with God you ha\ e li\ ed a 
wonderful life filled with experiences >ou will never forget. 
Your family lo\es and supports \ ou and so you your friends 
and relatives. You continue to make us proud of you by 
de\ eloping into a mature young woman who respects herself 
and e\er\one in your environment. Amy and ENC was a 
perfect match alowing your academic goals to be achie\ ed 
and maintaining your vibrant personalit> «ith a contagious 
lo\e of life. We lo\e you and know your future is bright, 
because \ ou have discov ered how rewarding unconditional 
io\e is in one's life. You now have many options in front of 
>ou and with God's help and guidance you will continue to 
make conderful choices and have a ver>- successiil life. 

With all our love! 

Mom, Dady, and Bobby 

"Be jo>-ful always; pray continually; give thanks in 
all circumstances, for this is God's uill for you in Christ 

- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Congratulations to the Class of ZOO & 

"We are contident that He who began a gcxxi work in you will carr> it on to complctioin until the day of Christ Jesus." 

Keep Close to Jesus 

Alumni Association 




Know in all these things we are more then conquer- 
ors though him who loved us. For I am convincd 
taht neither death not life, neither angels nor de- 
mons, neither the present nor the future , norr any 
powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else 
in all creation, will be able to separate us from the 
love of God that is in Jesus Christ 
Romans 8:37-38 

Love must be sincere. Hathe what is evil; cling to 
what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly 
love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never 
be lacking in zeal, but keep you rspirtual fevor, serv- 
ing the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, 

faithful in prayer. 
Jeremiah 29:11 

We are So Proud of you! 
Love, Mom and Dad 



to the 

Class of 2006 


Best wishes from 
ENC's Business Department 

Prof. Joseph Goulart, Prof. Jan Weisen, Prof. Michael HoU, Prof. 
Daniel McCabe, Prof. Amie Garner, Mr. William Driscoll, Mr. 
James Dunn, Mr. Robert Cerasoli, Ms. Arlyn MacCuish, Mr. 
Sean Condon, Mr. Karl Vandervort, Mr. Russell Peck 


Congratu Cations 
Cfass of 


"In the heart of the community with the community in our hearts.' 

Marfexj Turk Cfiurcfi of t fie ^azarene 

7741 'Baftimor-'Annapofis "Bfvcf. 
^fen ^urnie, 'Marxjuincf 21060 

Tastor: 'Dr. Tkidip (Boferjac^ 

Ephrata Church of the Nazarene 

— — 

110 Durlach Rd. Ephrata PA 17522 
Also, the home of Grandview Heights Christian 
Academy and Daycare 


We are proud of all our ENC Stiideets 

Freshmen: Jeff Krusta and Sarah Troxler 
Juniors: Sarah Smail and Tim Troxler 

110 Clay Pike, (Irwin) 
North Huntingdon, Pa 15642 
Pastor: David L. Troxler 

Lowell Church of the 

to our 2006 

Ryan Magnuson & Tim White 
And all our Students: 

Zachary Andrew, Brandon Bernier, Jermemy Cox, 
Mark Douglas, Melissa Douglas, Jill Duchene, Katrina 
Gauthier, Patrick Lane, Rachel Long, Emily Pearl Met- 
calfe, and Stacy Myers 


are Troud oj our Student 

Cfiristopfier Jodn ^iffy 

%eene Cdurcfi ojtfie jiazarene 

55 ^apic Avenue 
%eene, '^MosASi 
Tastor.Jofm 'Reiffy 

ebago Church of the 

Congratulations to the class of 2006 
and to our graduate 

Kristen your church family is very proud of you 
and we know God has great plans for you. Our 
prayers will be with you wherever God sends you 

We Love you! 

Route 1 14 
Sebago. Maine 
Pastor: Rev. James Ledaux 


to the 
Class of 2006 

and our 

Philadelphia District students 


Philadelphia Disrict Chruch of the Nazarene 
Newell D. Smith, District Superintendent 
631 A Swedesford Rd 
Frazer, PA 1 9355 

Districtoff ice @ 

Rev. Del Bieber 
Mr. Jonathan Russell 
Dr. Dan West 

TJ'je Pittsburgh District 

Class of '06 
and our 
district students 

2005 2006 

Hannah Ford 

Jesse Mix 

Jonah Ford 

Sarah A. Smail 

Jeffrey Kustra 

Sarah Troxler 

Nathan Martsolf 

Timothy Troxler 

Jacob Maysmith 

ENC Trustees 
Mr. Doug Cousins 
Dr. Cindy Sainsbury, M.D. 
Rev. Terry Weyman, Jr. 

177 North Rd, 
Butler PA 16001 
(Fax) 724-285-1210 
pghdistnaz @ 



^N^ Troudffvj safute tfie entire CE^C community, and 
jfarticufarCy tfie cCass of 2006. We are especia((\j yroud oj 
our students jrom tfie great commonweaftfi of Virginia. 



'"hfow to film is aSfe to cCo immeasuraSfxj more tfian aCCwe as^ or imagine, according to (tow tfiat is at 
wor^ witfiin us, to O-fim 9e gforif in tfie cfiurcfi and in Cfirist Jesus tnrougfiout aff generations, for ever 
andeverl (Amen." 'Evfiesians 3:20-21 '^sftv 

J.Phillip fiiller, D. Min., District Superintendent 
3910Monza Dr. 
Richmond VA 23234 

Virginia district 


'"How (itt[eveop(e inow wfio tkini that is fioCiness is duff. Vjfien one meets the reaC thing, it is irresistihk.' 

-C.S. £ewis, "Letters to 'An 'American Lady" 


Church of the Nazarene 

162 OfcfCofony 'Avenue, 
Quincy MA 021/0-3831 
617-786-9574 (Tax) 

Congratufations to tfie 
Cfass of 2006 

Trom tfie 
Isew ^nafand T>istrict 
Cfiurcfi of tfie Nazarene 



ling expe 

ances, pitfalls, struggles, and alot of hard work. The yt 
began with me tinding that the hard drive to our compu 
had crashed. From there however things seemed be goi 
well. Our finaces were all set, yet very tight, and the bo 
was coming together smoothly. In fact, we were ahead 
schedule. Then it happened. The computer got stolen 
second semester, at the beginning of Febuary. bring prodi 
tion to an abrupt halt. Setting us back with not only the Ic 
of the computer, but the loss of alot of information and work as we 
With delays, time restraints, a sub-par computer, and deadlines ck 
ing in, things were looking grim. This year's staff has endured al 
and pulled though to produce this year's yearbook. I would like 
thank each and everyone of them for there patience and hard woi 
despite the difficult times. This has been an increadble learning exf 
rience. Though at times. I was certainly feeling stretched thin, I w 
always lifted up by an encouraging word from a friend. I appre< 
ate all of them. So now is the time to progress onward with my li: 
Graduation has come and gone, and yearbook work continu 
into the summer. As my time at ENC closes and my future opens. I w 
always look back and remember the many people w ho deeply affecti 
my life, and the lessons that 1 have learned. Though the good and t 
bad. I can look back and realize how blessed I was and am. There a 
so many people I am going to miss. I will cherish the memories of the 
for the rest of my life. Thank you my friends for all you have doi 
-Matthew S. Reed / Editor in Chief